Nancy Pelosi is seething over a watchdog group that’s exposing her pals’ underhanded moves

The Democrat Media Complex is losing control of the narrative.

Democrats saw Donald Trump as an excuse to lie, cheat, and steal.

But Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are seething over a watchdog group that’s exposing their pals.

But one watchdog group called out the underhanded moves Democrats are making.

Democrats have all but seized control of Big Tech.

Companies that are either ideologically left-wing or simply fearful of establishment retribution have become an enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.

As the public square has moved online, censorship has become a serious issue.

Conservatives, libertarians, and dissident liberals have all been censored or even flat-out banned for expressing counter-narrative views.

And one group fighting back just hit a scary milestone.

CensorTrack, a project of the Media Research Center (MRC), reported that “Free Speech America has now logged 4,000 cases of censorship in MRC’s unique CensorTrack database. These cases include censorship of both people and organizations across multiple Big Tech platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-controlled TikTok. MRC Free Speech America logged 3,500 censorship cases in CensorTrack as of March 21, 2022, meaning that CensorTrack logged its most recent 500 cases in only three months.”

When the censorship regime began being ushered in back in 2018, there was not enough outrage when figures like Alex Jones were summarily banned.

It didn’t take long for even center-left liberals to start getting banned for quoting the CDC during the peak hysteria of the COVID pandemic.

Now, expressing biological realities is grounds for suspension from Twitter.

Jordan Peterson was recently suspended for “dead-naming” actress Ellen Page, who “transitioned” to Elliot Page.

Democrats have landed on censorship as their go-to strategy for battling counter-narrative voices.

They have given up on winning the argument, so they have to shut people up.

When people actually see what the Democrats are up to, they do not like it.

That’s why they have to silence people who highlight the absurdity of the Democrats’ insane agenda.

But censorship, in the long run, is a losing strategy.

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