Nancy Pelosi is running cover for Hunter’s laptop from hell with this underhanded scheme

Nancy Pelosi is always trying to find a way to cover Democrat’s misdeeds.

With Hunter Biden, she has to work overtime.

Now, she’s running cover for his laptop from hell with this underhanded scheme.

The dam is bursting on the story of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop from hell.

After the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech tried to shut down the story, even they are reluctantly admitting that it’s real.

The “Russian disinformation” narrative pushed by the Left has completely collapsed. 

This growing scandal is becoming a major political problem for Democrats as more and more damning revelations are released.

Congressman Matt Gaetz made an under the radar move to help the investigation into the infamous laptop.

During an oversight hearing in the House Judiciary Committee for the FBI’s Cyber Division, its assistant director, Bryan Vorndran, testified that he didn’t have any information on the laptop.

In response, Gaetz made a move to enter the contents of Hunter’s laptop into the official Congressional Record.

Democrats on the committee at first balked at the move but later relented.

The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings on congress and items entered into it are searchable via public records.

By entering the laptop into it, a crowdsourced investigation into its contents could have begun.

With nearly 256 gigabytes of information contained on the laptop, Americans would be able to sift through the hundreds of thousands of files it held.

While much has been released from the laptop with the vast quantity of information on it, more damning evidence could still be on it.

After agreeing to enter the laptop into the Congressional Record, Pelosi’s lackeys are throwing a monkey wrench in the plan.

Democratic staffers are refusing to upload the laptop’s contents in a digitally searchable format.

Instead, they’re demanding that Gaetz’s office produce hard copies of the contents and to print out individual files for them to upload.

Gaetz’s office even offered to help with the digital transfer of the contents but the Democratic staffers are still refusing to cooperate.

Pelosi’s allies may have agreed to enter the laptop into the record but their tactics are preventing its contents from being accessible.

By forcing Gaetz’s office to give them hundreds of thousands of individual files, they’ve effectively blocked it from the Congressional Record. 

This is a sneaky scheme to protect Hunter’s infamous laptop from being subjected to any further investigation.

An anonymous Republican staffer unloaded on the scheme to the Daily Caller.

“Democrats and majority staff are actively obstructing the American people from being able to see the laptop in the public record. They have all the resources they need to enter Hunter’s laptop into the record — they’re purposefully delaying the process. It’s their responsibility as majority staff to enter materials into the record,” the staffer remarked.

With the laptop from hell story picking up steam, Democrats will do anything to contain its damage. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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