Nancy Pelosi is putting Conservatives under surveillance with this bone chilling move

Nancy Pelosi loves pulling the strings of government power to her advantage.

She’s got Conservatives in her crosshairs.

And Pelosi is putting Conservatives under surveillance with this bone chilling move.

Nancy Pelosi never lets a crisis go to waste.

The trumped up events of January 6 have turned into a political witch hunt against Conservatives.

Pelosi is also using as flimsy pretext to declare Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists” and put them under surveillance.

While she rails on Republican “attacks on democracy,” she’s sent the Capitol Hill Police to spy on Conservatives.

The Capitol Police’s intelligence unit is conducting an unprecedented spying campaign on Americans.

Using the events of January 6 as a flimsy pretext, the Capitol Police are now directed to look at donors, constituents and associates of congressmen whether they meet with them privately or publicly.

Background checks are being run on citizens who meet with members of congress.

Tax returns, real estate holding, social media posts are all being searched by Pelosi’s snoops.

Most troubling is that legislators’ opponents and supporters of their opponent are being investigated in the name of security.

Politico reports that this includes anyone “that would cast a member in a negative light.”

They also reported that Congressman may not even be aware of the extent of the program’s spying.

The move is supposedly in the name of security, but former criminal defense attorney and Republican congressman Kelly Armstrong has other thoughts.

He pointed out on Tucker Carlson Tonight that if it was being done for security reasons they’d be coordinating with congressional offices.

“Whatever they think that sounds like for security, it sounds dangerously close — if not already over the line — to spying on members of Congress, their staff, their constituents and their supporters,” Armstrong added.

The move is so far over the line that the liberal ACLU condemned the spying saying, “it raises First Amendment concerns. Those concerns are especially strong here, where individuals are coming under scrutiny simply because they are exercising their right to petition members of Congress.”

Like everything else with January 6, this is an attempt to get dirt on Conservatives to try to use it to harm them politically.

These dossiers on private citizens could easily be handed off to Democratic operatives or the corporate-controlled media for the Left’s political gain.

This becomes the latest power grab for the Capitol Police.

Last year they expanded from just working Capitol Hill, to setting up field offices in Florida and California.

This East German Stasi move by Pelosi could be yet another target for congressional investigations when Republicans retake congress.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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