Nancy Pelosi is claiming all Trump supporters are members of this group and the backlash has been fierce

Nancy Pelosi’s hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters was evident from day one.

It’s as if venom spews from her mouth when she speaks about the former President.

And now Nancy Pelosi is claiming all Trump supporters are members of this group and the backlash has been fierce.

While speaking at Cambridge University last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed to imply that supporters of Donald Trump are a greater threat to the country than Communist China.

“One of the ways we can help improve that situation is by passing H.R. 1, which would have redistricting in a way that is, again, agonistic just along the line of the Voting Rights Act,” Pelosi stated. “It may not benefit Democrats, but it may benefit the country because it would make Republican districts more open to people other than the ones who are in Congress now.”

Pelosi is openly calling on establishment Republicans to suppress votes from supporters of the former president.

But the Speaker of the House wasn’t done.

She went on to compare Trump supporters to cult members and then proceeded to talk about an ever-emerging relationship with China.

“With their continuation of genocide . . . with their violation of their cultural, religious priority of Tibet, with their depression of democracy in Hong Kong and other parts of China as well, they’re just getting worse in terms of suppression and freedom of speech,” she stated.

No one has ever denied that Nancy Pelosi hates Trump and anything or anyone that has to do with the former President, but to compare people to cult members and glorify China over Americans is just downright evil.

Donald Trump triggered the Left from the day he took office.

Pelosi, Biden, and their band of merry Democrats are more focused on taking out Donald Trump than on helping the American people.

This is not how leaders should be acting.

Pelosi knows many of the radical pieces of legislation she is trying to shove through Congress are in trouble, but lumping an entire group of people together and calling them cult members is no way to win back votes.

Nancy Pelosi really needs a lesson in how to make friends.

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