Nancy Pelosi is attempting to steal an election right out from under Americans’ noses

The Democrats have truly become a radical party.

They’re accusing the Republicans of everything they’re actually doing.

And Nancy Pelosi is attempting to steal an election right out from under Americans’ noses.

The Democrats have spent months demonizing Donald Trump for questioning voter irregularities in the 2020 election, but now they’re attempting to steal an Iowa House race that Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks won in a nail biter by a mere six votes.

Miller-Meeks maintained her lead after a recount by a bipartisan commission, and the results were certified by Iowa’s Secretary of State, but Nancy Pelosi left the door open to the seat being challenged.

From The Wall Street Journal:

“The party is on the precipice of creating a precedent, for the first time in a generation, that a partisan majority in Congress can disregard state officials and redo a close election count according to its own preferences. All their high-minded talk about respecting the voters seems to apply only when Donald Trump is challenging the results. This blatant Democratic power play would inspire more partisan bitterness—and further erode voter faith in elections.”

The Democrats complained about Trump threatening democracy by wanting answers about voting laws being changed unilaterally, ballots with no return addresses being certified, and much more.

Questioning the 2020 election bordered on sacrilege according to the Left.

On social media, any messages that questioned the election were either flagged as potential disinformation or were flat-out removed.

But redoing a close House race in Iowa for a partisan reason should be a bridge too far, even for the Democrats.

As Miller-Meeks pointed out during a Fox News interview:

“Interestingly enough, during the swearing-in ceremony, there was a vote taken [on whether] all of the members from every state should be seated. Every Democrat voted that every member should be seated, and no one contested, no one stood up on the House floor and contested my being sworn in as the congresswoman from the 2nd Congressional District.”

So the Democrats had no problem seating her then, but they’re looking into challenging the seat now.

The Democrats have the smallest House majority in decades, and they want all the votes they can get to ram through their radical agenda.

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