Nancy Pelosi erupted in a maniacal fit at this news Twitter just announced

Democrats’ power is built on controlling the narrative.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) demands that the Democrats’ media lackeys respect her ironfist, or else.

So Nancy Pelosi erupted in a maniacal fit at this news Twitter just announced.

The establishment no longer has total control of the narrative.

Alternative voices have been able to speak up and spread the truth.

So Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is tickled to death at the announcement Twitter just made.

The corporate-controlled press has seen its power wane over the past six years.

Donald Trump was able to cut through the Democrat Media Complex in 2016 by using social media, and the establishment responded by leaning on Big Tech.

Using threats of government regulation, the Democrat establishment has been able to coerce Big Tech into censoring counter-narrative voices.

The culture of free speech is being eroded on social media, and leftist executives at these companies are speeding up that process.

The latest censorship tool is “independent” fact-checkers, and Twitter is expanding it.

The company is widening its Birdwatch program, which purportedly combats misinformation.

Gizmodo reported that “Twitter is expanding Birdwatch, its misinformation debunking product ‘for the people, by the people,’ in the U.S., a move that will put community-based fact checking to the test. In the coming days, there’s a good chance you’ll see notes on tweets in your timeline written by Birdwatch contributors that provide additional information or maybe even reveal that the tweet is completely wrong.”

Twitter’s so-called fact checking and censorship labels have come under intense scrutiny for their partisan bent.

For example, many accounts were flagged or banned for posting true information about COVID.

Other accounts were nuked for raising questions about the 2020 election.

However, no tweets declaring Democrat Stacey Abrams the duly elected governor of Georgia — despite her loss in the last election to Governor Brian Kemp — were flagged or censored.

Gizmodo added that “Twitter will begin to accept 1,000 new contributors per week to Birdwatch, adding to the roughly 15,000 it already has. Contributors’ work will be more visible on timelines, with Twitter aiming to eventually roll out the feature to 50% of U.S. users. For those unfamiliar, Birdwatch is a Twitter pilot product launched in 2021 that uses a community approach to reduce misinformation on the platform. Birdwatch contributors, who are anonymous, are able to write notes that appear below tweets or link to outside sources.”

A Twitter senior engineer was caught on candid camera saying that executives at the company are “commie as f*ck,” so the Birdwatch contributors will certainly have a left-wing bias.

Partisan fact-checkers are being used as the justification for censorship of alternative voices and the promotion of legacy outlets.

Expect Twitter’s Birdwatch expansion to make the problem worse.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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