Musk cartoon creator scalped by the woke mob in one shocking incident

Cancel culture continues to get worse. The rules have become harsher and more arbitrary.

And the woke mob just collected another scalp.

Because a Musk cartoon creator just had his scalp taken in one shocking incident.

Twitter senior engineer Siru Murugesan was caught on camera in a Project Veritas sting admitting earlier this year that the company is “commie as f*ck.”

And recent enforcement of Twitter’s nebulous terms of service have shown that to be true.

If anyone offends the sensibilities of “woke” employees at the company, he or she can get suspended or permanently banned for any manufactured reason.

The latest person to be figuratively “scalped,” was biologist and writer Colin Wright, who was suspended after getting excommunicated from the Left for defying radical transgender dogma.

Wright posted an “offensive” satirical cartoon on Twitter, and in true Maoist fashion, he was told he must admit guilt by deleting the violative tweet in order to restore his account.

Wright has refused, which means he is effectively banned from the platform.

The same thing happened to the satirical news site The Babylon Bee, which has been locked out of its Twitter account since March.

Radical transgender activists have become authoritarian at breakneck speed.

Eliza Mondegreen wrote on Wright’s Substack account Reality’s Last Stand, “[W]e got a radical trans movement that wants to erase sex in law and society, put men in women’s prisons and boys in girls’ sports, and run an unregulated medical experiment on gender-nonconforming children. This has given rise to an absurd and dystopian reality where men are granted access to women’s prisons, sports, and other protected spaces, and where gender-nonconforming children have become the target of unregulated medical experiments that involve puberty blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, and extreme surgeries.”

This is undoubtedly true, but anyone who says so runs the risk of being “canceled” at any time.

A small group of radicals have been able to hijack the entire discussion, which has caused so much fallout.

Mondegreen continued, “When many older trans-identified adults look back, they wish they hadn’t felt that it was necessary to transition. They often wish they’d found acceptance as who they were—both in relation to the wider world and within themselves. They don’t want or need to justify transitioning young children in order to prop up their sense of self and validate their identities. Ordinary people like this are not driving the trans movement, but they, along with children, are the ones paying most dearly for its excesses.”

Wright recently got in trouble with the Left for creating a cartoon that was shared by Elon Musk.

The cartoon showed a liberal who hadn’t moved politically, but was deemed right-wing because the Left moved radically to the fringes.

The latest incident with Wright proves the point he made with the cartoon.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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