Mike Rowe just gave this epic defense of free speech while protecting Megyn Kelly from cancelation

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Mike Rowe earned one of the best ratings in all of television with his never-ending work ethic, blue-collar American values and common sense.

And that made him one of the Cancel Mob’s first targets.

But nothing could stop Rowe from offering this epic defense of free speech after the cancel mob came for Megyn Kelly. 

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it 

Mike Rowe has a history of celebrating the hardworking men and women in blue-collar America that are the backbone of the United States.

Rowe has thumbed his nose at high-priced degrees – and his fans love him for it.

And he’s equally protective of Americans’ First Amendment rights. 

However, the metropolitan elites likely hate him for those exact reasons.

Despite multiple attempts to cancel him – Rowe has never backed away from speaking his convictions. 

And he voiced those convictions loud and clear when the woke mob sharpened their pitchforks, lit their torches, and came for Megyn Kelly. 

Megyn Kelly vows to march in the streets if needed 

On her Sirius XM podcast, the Megyn Kelly Show, the former Fox News anchor has made a point of fighting against the erosion of womenhood. 

Because it’s 2023 and the Left has evidently declared that anyone publicly stating facts of life, once universally recognized as common-sense, gets a massive target painted on their back.

But in a message directed specifically to Apple iTunes, Kelly promised to keep bringing the fight. 

“I dare you to deplatform me, Apple – I dare you,” Kelly said. “I will rain Hell down on you. For a woman speaking up for girls and her fellow women, to have our rights and be safe and to have our spaces – I dare you, I will unleash Hell on that company. I will actually lead protests in the street. I will go to the outside of Apple headquarters – they cannot do it, they can’t, they will live to regret it. I will make them a Bud Light if they try to shut down these conversations.” 

Her message caused the Left to take her up on that dare and call for her cancelation. 

But Kelly had her fair share of fans as well. 

Rowe’s long letter to a radical fan

One of those fans was Mike Rowe, who took to his Facebook page and shared the clip of Kelly, vowing to stand by her side. 

“If it comes to that, I’d march with her,” Rowe posted. “Will you?” 

Rowe’s comment and question garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments – the vast majority agreeing with Rowe and Kelly. 

However, Rowe pointed out one commenter who disagreed with him. 

“Nope, not for one second would I stand next to this farce of a woman,” the angry commenter wrote. “Mike, your desperate grabs at popularity are embarrassing. Stay in your lane, please. I thank you in advance for not inserting your bullcrap pandering for women in any other scenario that includes women. You don’t belong and you most certainly are not choosing the right woman to be in complete support of. She is a brainwashed, phobic, fear driven, fear mongering blow hard…much like the faction you love pandering to so much. You and your ilk are so off base that I am actually embarrassed for you.”

The angry Facebook user picked the wrong man to tell to “stay in your lane.” 

Rowe answered back with a stunning defense of Kelly, free speech and real women’s rights. 

“I said that I’d stand with her (Megyn Kelly) on the underlying issues; just as I would stand with you, if you were muzzled by a big tech company for publicly supporting the rights of women,” Rowe posted. “I don’t share your view that she (Kelly) is a ‘farce’ of a woman, but even if I did, I’d support her right to speak freely, and her daughter’s right to use a locker room free of biological men.”

But Rowe was just getting warmed up – that’s when he really let her have it. 

“You seem to believe that because I’m not a woman, I have no right to hold an opinion on anything related to women,” Rowe continued. “If so, am I also precluded from expressing an opinion on slavery, simply because I’ve never been a slave, or owned a slave? You advise me to ‘stay in my lane’ in much the same way people used to tell women and minorities to ‘know their place.’ That strikes me as a convenient way for people to silence those with whom they disagree, without offering an actual argument.”

Rowe added that the corporate-controlled press is partly to blame for the attitudes of this angry woman. 

“Like you, I’m worried about our county — I’m worried that people have become increasingly unable to separate the message from the messenger,” Rowe wrote. “I’m worried that we’ve entered into a time when the experts disagree on every serious topic, where journalism has been replaced almost entirely by editorial partisanship.” 

Rowe went on to say he fears the Orwellian direction of the country. 

“I’m worried that people – and corporations – are determined to silence the opposition, rather than make any attempt to persuade, or even put forth a rational argument,” Rowe added. 

He went on to detail a situation from about 12 years ago when the Textile Service and Rental Association issued a boycott on Rowe for taking a position on disposable towels that hurt their bottom line. 

And then he lowered the boom one last time. 

“This page is ‘my lane,’ and you are a guest on it,” Rowe concluded. “To be sure, you’ve said some rude and unpersuasive things, but I would never ban you or block you for those reasons. On the other hand, it’s worth remembering that this page is not really my property. This page belongs to Facebook, and you and I are both here with their permission. Tell me, if they were to close “my lane” because of this post, would you object? Would you join me in protest? Or would you celebrate my banishment?”

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