Mike Johnson pulled one shocking reversal and got a helping hand that nobody saw coming

Office of Speaker Mike Johnson, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Mike Johnson had the support of conservatives in the GOP.

It did not take long for the establishment to get its hooks in him.

Now Johnson pulled one shocking reversal and got a helping hand that nobody saw coming.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) was a little-known backbencher when Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) got ousted from his role as Speaker.

Johnson came into his new role promising to end funding for the war in Ukraine and roll back the security state.

It took less than a year for Johnson to be co-opted by Permanent Washington.

Say it ain’t so, Mike

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wanted to bring a motion to vacate Johnson because he broke his promises.

However, Johnson was rescued by the Democrats, the same Democrats who called him a “MAGA extremist” and a “Christian Nationalist” and a threat to democracy.

Because when it comes to issues that the Washington, D.C. establishment truly cares about, the leaders in both parties move in lockstep.

Greene’s motion to vacate was blocked 359-43, with only 11 Republicans and 32 Democrats opposing the blockage.

One senior House Democrat told Axios, “I talked to probably 30 or 40 members, nobody expected” Green’s motion.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) told Axios, “As long as it’s thought that the reason for the motion is because he brought forward the [foreign aid] package, I think we’re going to vote the same way.”

So Johnson is so safe as he keeps doing the bidding of the establishment.

Independent Journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out that Johnson was singing a completely different tune last year.

Johnson in 2023

Regarding FISA abuses, Johnson told Greenwald to his face, “That is what keeps us up at night, Glenn. We’re worried about what has become of these agencies that have such broad and expansive powers.”

Greenwald responded to a clip of Johnson’s old comments by saying, “He’s not just saying he’s gonna vote yes or no. He’s saying this issue, this concern is so pressing to me that it keeps me up at night. The secrecy of the FBI, the ability of the U.S. security state to spy on American citizens with no limit, it keeps him up at night, he said, just in July of 2023.”

Johnson continued in the clip, “You know, the top law enforcement agency in the country that is supposed to be protecting and serving the American people is being used against them. It’s violating the privacy of Americans. It is trampling upon their fundamental constitutional rights. And it goes without check because. . .what so many people are frustrated about is, you know, they asked me today, why can’t you guys get accountability? Why can’t you bring some order to this? Well, you know, the political reality is here that people sometimes forget is we only have the majority in one house of Congress right now. And it’s a bare majority of that. We don’t have in Congress the ability to, you know, indict someone for violating the law, or to put him on trial in a court. All we can do is put them on trial in the court of public opinion. That’s what the hearings are, and then bring legislative reforms to do our best to ensure that these abuses cannot happen again in the future.”

Greenwald commented, “He said the only thing we can do is bring legislative reform to ensure these abuses do not happen again. He becomes Speaker. There’s pending legislation to do exactly that. That has bipartisan support to do exactly that, to reform the powers of the U.S. security state so they can no longer spy on us in secret and abuse their spying powers and other powers from politicized domestic ends.”

The conditions were set for Johnson to do what he said he was going to do.

He chose to do the exact opposite.

Greenwald concluded, “He said that’s the thing I’m eager to do. Because this ‘keeps me up at night.’ Their ability to abuse their spying powers in secret with no checks. That’s what he told me. And then he becomes a speaker. And there’s legislation that has the support of both parties designed to do precisely what he said he was so eager to do. And then he not only becomes a ‘no’ vote. . .on the reforms. . .He becomes the primary strategist to ensure that it passes the House.”

Speaker Johnson and the Democrats just gave Americans a masterclass on how the Washington, D.C. establishment works.

And Americans can’t help but wonder if Johnson declaring FISA abuses “keeps me up at night” was music to the ears of bad actors in the Deep State looking for a cue to dig deeper into Mike Johnson’s life for something they could use to turn him into their puppet.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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