Merrick Garland’s Stasi-style war on Biden opponents just led to the FBI’s most disturbing move yet

The Left’s Orange Man Bad jihad has gone way beyond canceling mean tweets.

Joe Biden’s hatchetman Merrick Garland is now on a rampage.

And his Stasi-style war on Biden opponents just led to the FBI’s most disturbing move yet.

The Democrats are attempting to milk the January 6th House Select Committee hearings for all they’re worth.

But the Biden regime’s latest January 6 connected move shows the Democrat Party is after much more than just discouraging Trump from seeking the Oval Office again with a public show trial.

They’re milking it as far as possible so they can set precedents with each subpoena, raid, arrest, and seizure against anyone who may have only been tangentially connected to Donald Trump.

And with every absurd lie they tell the public, they want not just Conservatives but every American to get the message that political opposition and free speech will no longer be tolerated in their America.

Now, Merrick Garland’s FBI has seized the phone of another person connected to Trump.

The New York Times reported that “federal agents armed with a search warrant have seized the phone of John Eastman, a lawyer who advised former President Donald J. Trump on key elements of the effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election, according to a court filing by Mr. Eastman on Monday. The seizure of Mr. Eastman’s phone is the latest evidence that the Justice Department is intensifying its sprawling criminal investigation into the various strands of Mr. Trump’s efforts to remain in power after he was defeated for re-election.”

Despite being “armed with a search warrant” as The New York Times reported, federal agents refused to show Eastman the warrant specifying what was “to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized”

This is Merrick Garland and the Democrats’ FBI brown shirts very publicly putting Americans’ rights under the Fourth Amendment and the rest of the Constitution under their boots, and they’re proud of it.

MeidasTouch, an anti-Trump PAC, turned top Democrat media and opposition research firm, shared the video above widely on the Internet.

That’s no accident. 

It’s quite disturbing how comfortable Democrats have become with seizing the records and communications of lawyers.

They’ve cheered with glee from the first raid on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, and have supported Stasi-like tactics ever since.

The FBI already concluded 15 months ago that there was no coordinated effort by Trump or his supporters to breach the Capitol and install some absurd military junta or whatever the Democrats are suggesting.

And yet they continue, why?

The people who went into the Capitol did not even have guns.

Some of them took selfies with Capitol Police.

Political reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan recently appeared on “Meet the Press” and relayed to Chuck Todd what a Democratic member of Congress told her: “Nobody gives a [bleep] about January 6th.”

And several members of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee themselves have essentially said that there will be no criminal charges against Trump.

Yet, the Stasi raids from Garland’s FBI continue.

Conservatives know exactly why.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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