Merrick Garland’s FBI quietly released one insane report about the Las Vegas shooting

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Donald Trump’s Presidency exposed entrenched corruption that has shaken America’s confidence in the DOJ.

The Department of Justice is now under the microscope.

And Merrick Garland’s FBI has now quietly released one insane report about the Las Vegas shooting.

Democrats never miss an opportunity to sensationalize mass shootings.

They still talk about horrific school shootings going back to Columbine in 1999.

However, the Democrats have been shockingly mum about the deadliest mass shooting in American history: the 2017 Las Vegas shooting that killed 60 people.

The story was memory-holed almost immediately.

Jesus Campos, the hotel security guard who first arrived on the scene, conducted one softball interview, with Ellen DeGeneres of all people, then reportedly left the country.

The so-called mainstream media was incurious about notorious shooter Stephen Paddock, who remains a total mystery man.

Six years later, the FBI has not stated a coherent motive for the massacre.

FBI quietly dumped documents in midst of a heavy news cycle

And the FBI recently released a report that suggested Paddock’s motivation may have been that he was not getting high-roller comps, e.g. penthouse suites and free cruises, at the casinos.

The FBI released interviews from an alleged gambling buddy of Paddock who said that he was “very upset” about not getting the red-carpet treatment at the casinos.

Paddock allegedly spent $1.5 million at the casinos in the run-up to the shooting.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the gambler “told the FBI that Paddock had said he was ‘very upset at the way casinos were treating him and other high rollers,’ noting that casinos had reduced the number of perks they gave to VIP customers in the years leading up to the shooting. The stress could “easily be what caused Paddock to ‘snap.’”
It seems highly unlikely that Paddock was so upset over casinos refusing to comp him that he amassed a small-army arsenal, then shot at innocent concert-goers.

The story makes zero sense, like much of the investigation into the shooting.

For example, many Americans have seen official police body cam footage which proved to them that there were gunshots in locations other than Paddock’s hotel.

The evidence seems clear in that regard but officials have refused to answer questions as to whether or not those gunshots were related to the mass shooting, or entirely unrelated.

Perhaps there are reasonable explanations for all the inconsistencies with the case, but the Las Vegas Police Department and the FBI do not seem at all interested in getting to the bottom of the matter.

And the corporate-controlled press has fallen in line by not asking any questions.

The case should be far from closed as far as many Americans are concerned.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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