Merrick Garland spit out his coffee after Tucker Carlson defied an insane DOJ warning

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been a huge thorn in the side of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

From his questions on January 6 and ballots in the 2020 vote, to exposing the weaponization of the DOJ under Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland, the regime wants to shut him up.

So Merrick Garland spit out his coffee when Tucker Carlson defied one insane DOJ warning.

Tucker Carlson gave an unexpected eulogy and then all hell broke loose 

Tucker Carlson is an interesting guy – from a bow-tie wearing libertarian to one of the top leaders of the National Conservative movement. 

Tucker is full of surprises. 

And he caught his haters completely off guard when he showed up to the funeral of an infamous figure to deliver a tribute. 

Tucker Carlson just shocked the world by attending the funeral of Hells Angels founder Ralph “Sonny” Barger.

When people think about the Hells Angels, they often think about biker gangs, bar fights, murder and mayhem – the kind of stuff you would have watched on Sons of Anarchy. 

The Department of Justice (DOJ) website warns that the Hells Angels are “an outlaw motorcycle gang whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprises.”

While some Hells Angels may have been associated with criminal acts in the past – and a few possibly still today – for the most part it’s a motorcycle club with over 230 chapters nationwide made up of free-spirited, freedom-loving, and law-abiding members.

And of course, if the recent history of the Deep State regime proves anything, it may be that if the DOJ doesn’t like you, there’s a big chance you’re not all bad. 

Carlson showed up as a surprise speaker at a funeral tribute event held for club founder Sonny Barger over the weekend.

Barger, who by his own account reportedly spent more than 13 years of his life locked up, died this summer at the age of 83 after battling cancer. 

But the Fox News star shed a different light on Barger during the tribute. 

Stand tall, stay loyal, remain free, value honor

Carlson never knew Barger personally, but a college roommate of the prime-time host sent him a copy of Barger’s letter to his wife and friends shortly before he passed.

One phrase in the letter struck a chord with Carlson and motivated him to speak at the tribute attended by thousands. 

The phrase: “Always stand tall, stay loyal, remain free, and always value honor.”

“Why aren’t we hearing that from the people who run the country?” Carlson asked. “Why is it left to Sonny Barger to say? The president of the United States should be saying that every single morning as he salutes the flag, but only Sonny Barger is saying it.” 

Carlson knew he’d receive backlash, but he added that he didn’t care how hard it was to get from Maine to Stockton, California, he wanted to be there after reading Barger’s letter to loved ones. 

“I thought to myself, if there is a phrase that sums up more perfectly what I want to be, what I aspire to be, and the kind of man I respect, I can’t think of a phrase that sums it up more perfectly than that,” Carlson said. 

Never miss an opportunity to attack 

Predictably, the Left took this as an opportunity to attack the popular Fox News host. 

The USA Singers, a group that says it makes “resistance music,” called Mr Carlson a “silver-spooned jelly-armed frozen chickens*** elitist prep schooled lilly-livered fascist Putin propaganda puppet” and said it was “surprising the Hells Angels would lower themselves like that.”

Media Matters wasted no time putting out a hit piece titles, “After weeks of telling Republicans to campaign on rising crime, Tucker Carlson eulogized the founder of a vigilante motorcycle gang.”

And all the usual suspects in the corporate-controlled media were also quick to chime in. 

Unfortunately, this likely means anyone who rides a motorcycle or posts about them on social media is about to have bigger targets painted on them by the Left than anything they’d get for not wearing a helmet.

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