Merrick Garland is sweating bullets after seeing this gut-wrenching fact

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It is a well-known fact that the federal government monitors the internet activity of American civilians to some extent.

However, the extent that the federal government engages in such spying is a closely-guarded secret for obvious reasons.

But Merrick Garland is sweating bullets after seeing this gut-wrenching fact.

The FBI is skating on thin ice when it comes to its reputation with the American public

The FBI’s integrity has taken a nose dive in recent years, after a number of investigations have indicated that these federal law enforcement agencies are compromised by left-wing radicals.

Instead of enforcing federal laws, and stopping major crimes like human trafficking and drug trafficking, the FBI and DoJ are more concerned with advancing Joe Biden’s political career.

Monitoring digital communications is a major tool in the FBI’s tool belt, however, a recently unsealed court document indicates that the FBI abused this tool in a major way.

Just recently, Federal Judge Rudolph Contreas discovered that the FBI engaged in 278,000 illegal searches between 2020 and early 2021, using Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to access personal communications of American citizens.

In his official opinion, Judge Contreas said, “Compliance problems with the querying of Section 702 information have proven to be persistent and widespread. If they are not substantially mitigated by these recent measures, it may become necessary to consider other responses, such as substantially limiting the number of FBI personnel with access to unminimized Section 702 information.”

Many Americans have suspected that the FBI uses these sorts of searches to spy on American citizens, however the scope and breadth of these searches is mind-boggling for most Americans.

As a result of these illegal searches, the FBI is ordered to restructure its process for accessing such communications.

Like any other law enforcement agency, the FBI will need to start getting legitimate warrants if they wish to search and investigate American citizens.

The American public is losing trust in the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies

Whether it is the Twitter Files revelations or the damning Durham Report, Americans are losing faith in federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Many Americans rightfully feel like the FBI is more interested in playing political games instead of enforcing federal law.

Years of rot, corruption, and poor leadership plague government agencies like the FBI.

The simple truth is that the federal government is far too bloated to operate effectively.

If the FBI wants to spy on Americans, they will need to start following the law at the very least.

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