Merrick Garland is in hot water after this bone-chilling surveillance scheme was exposed

Merrick Garland is the Biden regime’s top hatchet man.

His latest move crossed a major red line.

Now Garland is in hot water after this bone-chilling surveillance scheme was exposed.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has weaponized the Justice Department to go after critics of the Biden regime.

When a grassroots uprising against Marxist indoctrination in schools erupted, he sicced the FBI on concerned parents protesting at school boards as “domestic terrorists.”

With a battle brewing over divisive liberal concepts being injected into schools, Garland once again crossed a major red line.

In Utah’s Davis School District, the Justice Department has settled with the district over alleged racial bias incidents in 2021.

The settlement mandated that the school district hand over a treasure trove of data on students to the Justice Department.

Davis Schools produced a “master list of all students including each student’s name, student ID, race/ethnicity, grade, and school.”

Parents in the school district are furious over this creepy surveillance scheme against their kids.

Students who had nothing to do with any of the alleged wrongdoing are having their personal info turned over to Garland and Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

Corrine Johnson of Utah Parents United slammed the move to Fox News Digital saying, “I believe it’s an absolute overreach of the DOJ.”

“I do want to make it clear that we absolutely understand that racism exists, and it happens, and it happens in Utah… But we see absolutely no reason to collect demographic data, especially racial demographic data, on an entire school district,” Johnson said.

“The DOJ was brought in to help foster a more inclusive environment and data mining our children have no place in that,” Johnson added. “By collecting racial data, the idea, I’m assuming, is we’re trying to racially profile students. And we believe that racial profiling only leads to more discrimination.”

Democrats rage against racial profiling by the police but when it suits their needs for public school students it’s perfectly fine.

The school district has been complying with the data requests for years.

Adding to parents’ concerns is the recent major data leak of gun owners in California.

The California Justice Department “accidently” leaked on a state website the personal information of anyone who bought a gun, ammo or had a concealed carry permit in the state.

Now the Davis County students’ personal information is in the hands of the highly-partisan Biden Justice Department.

A mother in the school district cited the California leak as a concern about the DOJ’s “intrusive” harvesting of personal information.

“It’s dangerous because you’re leaving a child vulnerable to the exposure of their data,” the mother said. “That data that’s being pulled is [on]… all students. This isn’t exclusive to just those who have filed a report of racial harassment or discrimination.” 

“I see no justification for that,” the mother added.

This disturbing incident is another sign that Merrick Garland is turning schools into the latest front for the Left’s war to monitor, intimidate and silence Conservatives.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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