Merrick Garland is grinning ear to ear after this Chinese scheme comes to the surface

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When it comes to the internet, anonymity is both a blessing and a curse.

Anonymity allows people to say things they would normally never say, allowing people to speak more freely without taking any accountability for such statements.

But Merrick Garland is grinning ear to ear, after this Chinese scheme comes to the surface.

Communist China leads the way when it comes to online censorship

If you have ever been trolled on social media, then you know how irritating online anonymity can be.

However, online anonymity is important because it helps to protect individuals from being held accountable for the things they say, allowing free speech to flourish.

Having said that, online anonymity is a major concern for governments that do not respect the freedom of speech.

One such government is the Communist regime, which has ruled China with an iron fist since Mao Zedong rose to power in 1949.

It was just revealed that the Chinese government is implementing programs, which unmask social media users within the People’s Republic of China.

On Weibo, China’s most popular social media platform, a user with nearly 1 million followers, who goes by the name Gaofei, was doxxed – having his identity and personal information publicly exposed – by the Chinese government.

Not only was Gaofei doxxed, but Gaofei was doxxed on his platform, with his real name being posted prominently on his home page for everyone to see.

It is widely believed that the Chinese government is looking to similarly dox other users who have large followings, i.e. individuals with about a million followers or more.

The Chinese government has monitored internet usage for quite some time, blocking many sites and platforms within their borders.

However, this move to identify internet users represents a significant shift in their internet and free speech policies, as the Chinese government used to tolerate a degree of anonymity online.

Other countries are keeping a very close eye on China’s internet policies

Although these moves to end online anonymity only pertain to individuals in China, many other governments are keeping a close eye on these actions.

Merrick Garland and his pals at the Department of Justice would love nothing more than to do this in the United States.

The Joe Biden administration has invested heavily in preventing so-called “misinformation”, and publicly identifying anonymous internet users would help them to censor many more voices who are hostile to their regime.

Although such moves would not necessarily directly censor particular users, they would allow the government to know who is saying what, allowing them to potentially take action against them down the road.

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