Merrick Garland is grinning after this sinister Canadian censorship plot makes headlines

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Technology controls nearly every aspect of modern life in America, and escaping it is virtually impossible.

Many governments around the world, including many Western governments, have jumped on the opportunity to use the proliferation of technology to follow the every footstep of certain individuals.

And now Merrick Garland is grinning after this sinister Canadian censorship plot makes headlines.

Canada’s latest law enforcement scheme has many citizens worried

Crime has exploded all across the Western world in recent years, and most people agree that lawmakers need to take action to turn the tide of this crime surge.

However, this has opened the door for governments to gain significant power and control over their constituents, creating major privacy concerns.

In Canada for example, law enforcement officials from across the nation are exploring the use of technology which could allow them to tap into private security cameras to assist their investigations or pursuits.

Jackie Penman, a spokesperson for the Hamilton, Ontario police department, spoke to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about this matter, saying, “We foresee a progression for the Hamilton police to incorporate this technology in the future, however, there are currently no timelines for implementing this.”

The specific program that Hamilton and other Canadian police departments wish to use is called FUSUS, which is widely used in other localities in the United States.

Lt. Brendon Barth of the Atlanta Police Department told the CBC that since the Atlanta Police Department began using this technology he has noticed positive results, saying, “It is greatly enhancing our ability to fight and prevent crime and keep people safe and that is the goal.”

Although this technology may seem promising from a law enforcement perspective, its use poses a significant threat to the privacy of law-abiding citizens.

Many fear that giving the government the power to tap into private cameras could open Pandora’s box and justify considerable privacy breaches down the road.

Americans should think twice before handing over even more power to the government

History has proven that once the people give their government increased power and authority, it is extremely difficult to take that authority away.

That is why many individuals are terrified over the thought of the government accessing their cameras, even if the government claims it is only for law enforcement purposes.

This fear hits close to home for many Canadians and Americans given that millions of homes are littered with security cameras such as the Amazon “ring” camera, which could easily become government spying devices if users and consumers are not cautious.

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