Merrick Garland got caught red-handed violating journalists in the most bone-chilling way

Joe Biden’s administration has undertaken truly radical actions against its critics.

Now, it’s coming out how far Biden’s Attorney General has gone to weaponize the Department of Justice.

And Merrick Garland got caught red-handed violating journalists in the most bone-chilling way.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has turned the DOJ into the Biden administration’s enforcers.

First, Garland sicced the FBI on concerned parents who attended school board meetings.

Now, Garland got caught attempting to spy on journalists.

Undercover reporters for Project Veritas were targeted by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, a truth the Big Tech firms part of the scheme let slip after they were solicited by the government.

Project Veritas reported that, “Apple and Google came forward and provided documents showing that President Biden’s Department of Justice issued nine secret subpoenas to them for multiple Project Veritas journalists’ private information. The subpoenas and warrants even extended to the journalists’ security detail. In addition to compelling Apple and Google not to disclose that the constitutionally-protected information of journalists was being surveilled by the highest levels of our government, the Department of Justice sought payment information, MAC addresses, browsing history and other personal information from multiple employees of Project Veritas.”

The DOJ also submitted secret subpoenas to Microsoft in an attempt to violate Veritas’s First Amendment rights.

The Stalinist tactics employed by the DOJ stem from Project Veritas being given a diary that allegedly belonged to Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s daughter.

When Veritas could not authenticate that the diary was real, founder James O’Keefe chose not to run the story and handed the diary over to law enforcement.

Yet, the DOJ raided the homes of O’Keefe and other journalists in pursuit of the “stolen” diary.

The actions of the DOJ were so outrageous, even liberal organizations that detest Project Veritas expressed concerns about the behavior of the government.

American Civil Liberties Union representative Brian Hauss wrote in a statement:

“We deplore Project Veritas’ deceptions, and we don’t have a full picture of the government’s investigation. But we’re concerned that the precedent set by this case could have serious consequences for press freedom…We’re deeply troubled by reports that the Department of Justice obtained secret electronic surveillance orders requiring sweeping disclosure of ‘all content’ of communications associated with Project Veritas email accounts, including attorney-client communications…The government must immediately suspend its review of the materials obtained pursuant to its electronic surveillance orders and fully disclose the extent of its actions, so that the court can consider appropriate relief.”

The Biden administration is not bashful about using authoritarian tactics to go after opponents of the regime.

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