Merrick Garland goons reacted to manifesto leak with a shocking retaliation

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The Biden administration has weaponized the Department of Justice in nightmarish ways.

It starts at the top with Attorney General Merrick Garland.

And Garland’s goons reacted to this manifesto leak with a shocking retaliation.

More details are finally spilling out about the horrifying mass shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville.

Normally after a mass shooting, the killer’s manifesto is released to the media almost instantaneously so people can understand the motivation.

In this particular instance, the manifesto was inexplicably kept under lock and key until investigative reporters for conservative commentator Steven Crowder got a hold of pages from the killer that were being held by Nashville police.

The shooter, a woman who identified as a transgender man, was apparently motivated by a neo-Marxist hatred of white oppressors.

The killer wrote that she wanted to “kill all you little crackers” with their “yellow hair” and “white privilege” because they went to a “fancy private school” and their “daddies” drove “convertibles.”

Attack followed dangerous increase in anti-Christian rhetoric and actions

The so-called freedom fighter also murdered Mike Hill, a 61-year-old black custodian that worked at the school.

In light of the pages being leaked, Nashville police cracked down and put seven officers on administrative leave.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said in a statement, “Seven individuals are on administrative assignment (absolutely non-punitive) to protect the integrity of the active, progressing investigation…All seven have full police power. We are not identifying any of the seven by name. Not fair to them.”

People had been trying to get a hold of the manifesto for months to no avail.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote, “We’ve spoken with 2 major law firms in Nashville who said they’d send retainer letters to represent us suing FBI and the Nashville PD to obtain the manifesto of the Nashville shooter, only to back out at the last second. The political pressures are intense. We should see it.”

Nashville police have no incentive to withhold the manifesto unless they were under relentless pressure to do so.

The FBI under AG Merrick Garland has claimed that right-wing extremists pose the greatest threat to the country.

The only way that’s true is if the FBI and the Democrat Media Complex ignore all of the left-wing political violence, such as the Nashville shooting.

Truth tellers will be punished

Nashville Chief John Drake said in a statement, “I am greatly disturbed by today’s unauthorized release of three pages of writings from the Covenant shooter. This police department is extremely serious about the investigation to identify the person responsible. This action showed a total disregard for Covenant families, as well as the court system, which has control of the shooter’s journals at the present time due to litigation filed earlier this year. It is now pending in Davidson County Chancery Court and the Tennessee Court of Appeals. We are not at liberty to release the journals until the courts rule. Our police department looks forward to the ultimate resolution of the litigation concerning the journals.”

The release of the manifesto was being slow-walked for some bizarre reason even though the killer was dead and the investigation had concluded.

Nonprofit organizations sued to get the manifesto released, which further tied up the matter in the courts.

There is no clear reason why the manifesto is being blocked other than political pressure, very likely coming from the DOJ.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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