Melania Trump just turned the tables on cancel culture with this major announcement

The radical Left is hell-bent on destroying anything Trump.

Even Melania is in their crosshairs.

But she just turned the tables on cancel culture with this major announcement.

Melania Trump was one of the kindest, most caring First Ladies this country has had.

As First Lady, she poured herself into charitable work supporting children.

She started the Be Best Initiative to help kids by encouraging them not to use drugs and to stop cyberbullying.

Her charitable work has continued after she left the White House.

But as the wife of former President Trump, the radical Left is still out to destroy her and anyone related to him.

Melania planned a “Tulips & Topiaries” fundraiser in Naples, Florida featuring high tea to help the non-profit GenJustice. 

GenJustice helps children in the foster care system and works to end to violence against children.

The event was expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help foster kids with VIP tickets going as high as $50,000.

While everything looked set for a wonderful event to help kids, the anti-Trump bureaucrats stepped in to try and shut it down.

The Florida Department of Agriculture which oversees charities in the state said that Whip Fundraising, the company organizing the event, wasn’t properly registered with the state.

Florida’s Department of Agriculture is run by the lone statewide elected Democrat Nikki Fried.

Fried is running for governor as a looney MSNBC Democrat against Ron DeSantis. 

The New York Times, always eager to bash anything Trump, ran a hit piece against Melania.

The story tried to make it appear that she was involved in a suspicious charitable effort.

Other corporate-controlled media outlets happily proclaimed it to be canceled.

But Melania turned the tables against the despicable cancel culture attempt to hurt kids in need. 

She announced that the fundraiser was now rescheduled for December because they needed a bigger venue.

A statement from her office said, “The High Tea event is not canceled. It is scheduled for December 4, 2022.”

“As a result of The New York Times’ inaccurate reporting, we captured the attention of way more people than expected and required a larger venue. Thank you to all of the incredible supporters of foster care children,” she added.

“Big thanks to Eric Lipton and Shane Goldsmacher at The New York Times, thanks to your story – we needed a bigger venue!” the fundraiser’s website added. 

Whip Fundraising’s head said he was told they didn’t need to register with Florida and quickly rectified the situation when they found out about the requirement. 

Nothing is too low in the Left’s witch hunt against President Trump – even hurting kids in need.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending with the corporate-controlled media’s attack backfiring.

This isn’t the first time Cancel Mob has gone after Melania since the Trumps left the White House.

Earlier this year, she had a donation for scholarships to a charter school rejected for purely political reasons.

Even out of office, the Left will stoop to any low to attack the Trumps.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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