Matt Gaetz’ short film has political pundits sputtering for answers

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When the new Congress formed earlier this year, House Republicans quarreled over who would serve as House Speaker.

Although they eventually settled on Kevin McCarthy, many Republicans were left dissatisfied.

And Matt Gaetz’ short film has political pundits sputtering for answers.

Matt Gaetz and his allies just proved that they are not willing to compromise

Matt Gaetz just proved with the ouster of Speaker Kevin McCarthy that he is not willing to tolerate anybody who he deems as a moderate.

Previous Republican Speakers such as John Boehner and Paul Ryan sent rifts through their own party, after many argued that they did not adequately do their job by standing up to Democrats.

Just last week, Matt Gaetz released a brief, 13 minute film that details why he moved to oust Kevin McCarthy and what went into that grueling process.

The Hill reported that Gaetz’ office said in a statement that, “The documentary highlights the series of events that led to a handful of patriotic members of the House replacing former Speaker Kevin McCarthy with a constitutional lawyer – Mike Johnson of Louisiana.”

Matt Gaetz later tweeted, “Get ready to dive into the heart of the battle for the gavel that led to the ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.”

In the short film itself, Gaetz explains why he soured on McCarthy saying, “I made all of you a promise that we would have a Speaker of the House who was more conservative and more honest, and we got our guy,” referring to the House’s current speaker Mike Johnson.

He added, “It was so touching to see this man of God talking about how we can fulfill America’s great vision together, and it is an America-first vision, and it is a strong America vision and one I definitely share.”

However, not everyone shares in his enthusiasm, with former speaker Kevin McCarthy saying on CNN last week that he wishes Matt Gaetz was no longer in office.

What Gaetz’ move could mean for the future of the House of Representatives

For the last couple of decades, many conservatives have argued that House Republicans were not assertive enough when selecting a speaker.

Kevin McCarthy similarly displeased many conservatives especially those who align with Matt Gaetz.

Many political experts agree that this move to oust Kevin McCarthy shows that Gaetz and other conservatives in the House are not willing to compromise with moderates, which is great news for strong conservatives and bad news for moderates in the House.

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