Mass shooter left behind one manifesto that Democrats are desperate to bury

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The Left are currently in the midst of a furious gun control push.

They always seize on sensationalistic stories to push their agenda.

But a mass shooter left behind one manifesto that Democrats are desperate to bury.

Former Obama Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel famously said, “You never want a crisis to go to waste.”

That sums up the Left any time there is a horrific mass shooting.

After the deadly shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, a state lawmaker attempted to bring a prop child’s coffin onto the floor of the state house to demagogue on behalf of gun control.

But now it appears that leftists are attempting to manufacture crises.

Soon after the Nashville shooting, a bank employee named Connor Sturgeon murdered five managers in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sturgeon left behind a 13-page manifesto that proved he was a mentally ill leftist who believed in gun control.

Sturgeon claimed he committed the despicable act for three reasons: to expose the mental health crisis in this country, protest lax gun control laws in Kentucky, and commit suicide.

Murdered coworkers to help advance gun grabs

Evidently he hadn’t gone through the Gun Control Lobby’s activist training because the anti-gun special interests – and you can guess who those are – don’t typically encourage discussions about mental health surrounding mass murders.

Democrats prefer to talk about mental health ahead of such a tragedy.

Not so much for a prophylactic effect critics argue but to benefit their political backers.

After a tragedy though, they nearly exclusively point to guns as being responsible.

Democrats prefer to remain laser-focused on guns instead of the shooters and what may be going on in their minds and into their bodies.

Sturgeon’s family confirmed that he was in counseling for mental health and on medication, but not even liberal organizations like the ACLU are prepared to deny people’s Second Amendment rights under those circumstances.

He did not have a criminal record, so no new law would have prevented him from buying the weapon.

Friends and neighbors described him as “low-key” and “relaxed” and “soft spoken” and a “real normal dude” who never got “angry or upset,” suggesting he never gave them reason to consider having his guns taken without due process under a so-called red flag law.

At the end of the day, Sturgeon portrayed himself as a suicidal gun control advocate in his manifesto.

And people who are hell-bent on destruction like that are a big reason that others believe Americans should always have the freedom to arm themselves and protect themselves and their families.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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