Mark Zuckerberg’s new vision has Facebook users shaking with fear

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There is very little that you can accomplish without the help of advanced computer technology in today’s world.

In the last decade alone, technology has advanced at an eye-opening rate, causing many to ponder and even worry about what could possibly emerge next.

But Mark Zuckerberg’s new vision has Facebook users shaking with fear.

Facebook’s vision for the future is as scary as it is intriguing

Over the last few decades, computers went from something that requires large amounts of space and energy to run, to something that fits in your pocket.

Similarly, cars, televisions, medical devices, and even the way we communicate have completely changed, thanks to the rapid advances of technology.

However, tech moguls are constantly pursuing new ways to integrate humans and technology more closely.

Elon Musk recently caused a stir when his Neuralink project received FDA approval for a human study on brain-chips, to reportedly treat paralyzed individuals.

Eyeballs are the real target

Social Media companies like X and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook/Meta have a singular purpose to capture eyeballs.

That’s true of any media company really.

But Zuckerberg now apparently wants to actually own people’s eyeballs.

Zuckerberg recently made headlines for securing patents far what appears to be bionic eyeballs, among other body parts.

It is unclear what these devices hope to accomplish, but it appears that they are part of Zuckerberg’s plan to embed his technology into the very bodies of his customers.

Although some of these new products may seem exciting, many critics say that the existing products are already too addictive and damaging.

This is especially the case for children and teens, who are especially vulnerable to trendy new technologies and the potential harm they can pose.

Many of Zuckerbergs most vocal critics is the The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which recently found that “excessive use of digital devices and social media is linked to a number of risks for children and adolescents, including obesity, lower psychological wellbeing, increased risk of depression, and increases in suicide-related outcomes.”

Meta has already faced a number of legal challenges on the basis that their technology is poisoning the minds of young people.

Nonetheless, Meta continues to develop new technologies that quite clearly appeal to young people, and it does not appear as if they are slowing down any time soon.

Technology development isn’t slowing down anytime soon

The truth is that no lawsuit or advocacy group can slow down the advancement of technology.

This means that it is up to parents and consumers to decide how much technology they want in their lives.

If Mark Zuckerberg has it his way, human kind will soon become Meta cyborgs, if his bionic eye patent is any sort of indication.

Consumers must draw the line on what they are willing to accept, just like any other product from any other industry.

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