Mark Zuckerberg will be ready to fire his PR firm when he reads the truth bombs that came out in this disturbing report

Facebook has some explaining to do.

Some of their traditional media allies have turned.

And Mark Zuckerberg will be ready to fire his PR firm when he reads the truth bombs that came out in this disturbing report.

Facebook’s censorship team has been on high alert lately.

If a post even slightly resembles something that doesn’t agree with Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate the social media giant removes it.

Facebook says no to posts questioning the vaccine, but this terrorist group has no problem spreading its message of hate on the platform.

According to a recent Politico report, Facebook has a real following among members of the Islamic State and Taliban.

“Photos of beheadings, extremist propaganda and violent hate speech related to Islamic State and the Taliban were shared for months within Facebook groups over the past year despite the social networking giant’s claims it had increased efforts to remove such content,” the Politico article begins.

Oddly enough these groups have been freely posting and roaming the platform despite Facebook execs declaring the company had invested heavily in artificial intelligence tools that would remove extremist content and hate speech in more than fifty languages.

How could this super powerful AI technology miss terrorist propaganda posts, pornographic images posted by the Sunni and Shia militia and videos of suicide bombings?

Politico reports that when its team flagged the open Facebook groups which promoted Islamic extremists the groups were in turn removed, but just hours later a totally different group supportive of the Islamic State had reappeared on the platform and began publishing disturbing images.

Another report released just a few weeks ago by The Federalist stated that a Facebook insider revealed hate speech filters were being targeted at whites and men.

Mark Zuckerberg is in the back pocket of the Democrat Party and he has no intention of filtering our Islamic hate speech directed at the United States.

The Democrats want to control what Americans hear, read and believe, therefore, they must censors dissenting COVID vaccine information, but not pornographic, violent images pushed around the internet by our sworn enemies.

Joe Biden and his allies in Big Tech are fast-tracking their plan to turn this country into a socialist nation and this is just one way they’re doing it.

If they continue to allow these things to filter into American homes then Americans will demand more censorship and that’s exactly what the Left wants.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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