Mark Zuckerberg was hit with a nasty surprise he never saw coming

Mark Zuckerberg’s tech empire is starting to show cracks.

A major problem from his past is coming back to haunt him.

And he was hit with a nasty surprise he never saw coming.

Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook now rebranded as Meta into one of the darlings of Silicon Valley.

The company could do no wrong while it grew to become one of the biggest Big Tech titans.

But things aren’t going so well for Zuckerberg these days as the company struggles to find its footing in the sagging Biden economy.

Meta’s major expansion into the virtual world, dubbed the Metaverse, has been a flop so far.

Back in the real world, the company’s stock price has cratered, losing billions while shedding Facebook users for the first time in the company’s history.

Meta’s bias against conservatives is well known after years of censorship culminated with banning President Trump from its platforms.

Now, Zuckerberg has a major problem on his left flank after a shocking new announcement from the left-wing in the form of so-called “Facebook whistleblower” Frances Haugen.

Haugen was First Lady Jill Biden’s featured guest during President’s first state of the Union address earlier this year and went on an orchestrated media tour and testified before Congress, hammering Facebook and other social media companies for poorly tamping down on supposed “disinformation.”

Democrats want regulations to control Big Tech of course, but in the meantime they’ll use threats of regulation to help ensure tech and social media companies comply with their demands to keep cracking down on Conservatives’ free speech.

Haugen is launching a new non-profit with major financial backing with the goal of holding Facebook “accountable” for its actions.

This new organization called Beyond the Screen is aiming to raise $5 million to seed its efforts to foster “social media accountability” on Big Tech platforms.

Beyond the Screen plans to come at Facebook and other social media platforms from a number of angles of attack.

The group plans to train lawyers looking to file class action lawsuits against social media to improve their legal strategy.

Haugen, a former Facebook project manager, would provide insight to lawyers about the inner workings of Facebook so that their ligation can be more effective.

Facebook and other Big Tech companies have been facing an increasing number of class actions for alleged harms caused on the platforms.

Next, the group hopes to build on the growing influence of left-wing ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) to target Big Tech companies that don’t comply with her leftwing vision.

ESG uses left-wing social justice standards to justify investors avoiding investments in companies that don’t follow the far-left’s vision. 

Major Wall Street players like BlackRock, state pension funds and other institutional investors have used ESG standards to cut off investments into oil, firearms and other companies that are in the Left’s crosshairs.

ESG allows the Left to engineer social change accomplishing radical goals like trying to end fossil fuels without congress. 

“Litigation is the stick, ESG is the carrot,” said Haugen.

Haugen has been on a crusade to take down Zuckerberg and other social media giants since she came forward as a whistleblower.

She has the goal of forcing them to conform to her left-wing vision of more heavy-handed censorship against conservative content she doesn’t like.

Now, Zuckerberg is taking fire from all political sides after years of angering conservatives.

With the activist Left coming after Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg just got another major headache to deal with.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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