Mark Zuckerberg unleashed one petty attack on Tucker Carlson that will leave your jaw on the floor

Alessio Jacona from Rome, Italy, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Big Tech companies wield considerable power.

That’s a concern because the public square has largely moved online.

And Mark  Zuckerberg unleashed one petty attack on Tucker Carlson that will leave your jaw on the floor.

It has become common knowledge that Big Tech companies work to make their apps more addictive.

That’s why many Big Tech executives severely restrict their children’s screen time.

Gamifying apps is just one way that programmers manipulate users.

They also use algorithms to promote or hide content.

Meta playing games

And Instagram, a subsidiary of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta empire, went so far as to issue a warning for users attempting to wish Tucker Carlson a happy birthday.

A user tagged Carlson’s account with a birthday message and received the warning: “This account has repeatedly posted false information that was reviewed by independent fact checkers or went against our Community Guidelines. Do you want to mention this account?” 

Carlson has become a thorn in the side of the establishment, so there has been a concerted effort to make him as toxic as possible, so much so that tagging him in an Instagram post spurs a warning message.

Carlson is an example of what happens when figures in the media go against elite power.

Despite having the top-rated show on cable news, Carlson was pulled off the air by Fox News.

The network did not officially fire him at the time because it wanted to limit his ability to go elsewhere before his contract expired in January 2025.

Why Carlson was fired

Various explanations for Carlson’s ouster were speculated because Fox News never made a public statement.

One theory was that Dominion Voting Systems settled its lawsuit with Fox News on the condition that Carlson would be fired.

The problem with that theory is Carlson immediately called out the dubious claims of electronic votes being switched remotely.

Carlson tried to get Sidney “Release the Kraken” Powell on his show to explain herself, but she refused all invitations.

However, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) might have shed light recently as to why Carlson had to go.

After Congress jammed through another round of funding for Ukraine, McConnell was asked by a reporter why it took so long to pass the bill.

McConnell responded, “I think the demonization of Ukraine began by Tucker Carlson, who in my opinion ended up where he should’ve been all along, which is interviewing [Russian President] Vladimir Putin. . .He had an enormous audience, which convinced a lot of rank-and-file Republicans that maybe this was a mistake.”

Carlson was making too many “rank-and-file Republicans” skeptical of the war in Ukraine, so something had to be done.

Without Carlson on Fox News holding Republican lawmakers’ feet to the fire, it was easier for Swamp creatures like McConnell to get unpopular legislation passed.

The pettiness of the Swamp runs so deep that Carlson cannot be tagged in an Instagram post without bells and whistles going off.

With the 2024 election right around the corner, expect the heavy hand of Big Tech to get even worse.

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