Mark Zuckerberg made his own bed and now it’s filling with a powerful enemy

Zuckerberg’s creepy Metaverse is a flop, thank God.

Few expected how far the fallout would go. 

But Mark Zuckerberg made his own bed and now it’s filling up with a powerful enemy.

For the last two years or so, the average American worker has faced unprecedented shifts and expectations as a result of COVID. 

Thankfully, many workers are returning to their workplaces, however, some “progressive” companies have dragged their feet with this process. 

And now it is clear that remote working is wreaking havoc on Mark Zuckerberg’s bottom line.

Remote working is wreaking havoc on Mark Zuckerberg’s bottom line

During the pandemic, many companies opted to allow some employees to work from home, but now that COVID is a thing of the past, workers are not quite ready for the office. 

It is hard to blame them, after all, who would elect to wake up earlier, drive through rush hour traffic, and put up with your coworkers for 8 hours when you can just stay home? 

There are many businesses that are having a hard time prying employees from their homes, and this is especially true for far-Left-run businesses that waited too long to open things up after COVID.

One such company is Facebook, or Meta, which has learned the hard way that “woke” policies like indefinite work from home has far-reaching, unintended consequences. 

According to, up to 97 shuttle driver jobs could be lost as a direct result of people not coming into the office as much. 

This makes up roughly one third of Meta’s driving work force. 

Meta claims that these layoffs are intended “to better reflect the needs of its hybrid workforce.” 

As you can imagine the radical left is furious, including the union that represents these workers, Teamsters Local 853. 

The union has recently pleaded with Meta to “rescind its layoffs and mandate that its employees return to work, not only for the shuttle drivers, but for the janitors, cafeteria workers, and security guards who are also being impacted.”

They went on to say, “Unlike other Silicon Valley companies, Meta has refused to mandate that its employees return to work on the main campus. While the company generously supported its contracted workforce during the pandemic, they are the first to announce severe layoffs.” 

This fight over these transportation jobs is a prime example of the left consuming each other. 

Woke policies like working from home to avoid COVID have ripped into many companies’ bottom lines as their posh headquarters buildings are now ghost towns. 

Jimmy Hoffa crossed the Teamsters too

Rather than eat the loss, tech giants are firing union workers, whom they always claim to be on the side of. 

And it is not just transportation workers that have taken a hit, but also food service workers, janitors, and other people who simply cannot work from home due to the nature of their job. 

Meta is not the only company dealing with this issue, and in fact, many major companies are having this same exact problem. 

The only difference is, Meta invested untold millions into their state-of-the-art headquarters, which makes it even more costly to effectively abandon it. 

From ticking customers and users off with his censorship schemes and political collusion to ill-advised office buildings and product shifts, maybe Zuckerberg should start rethinking his decision-making processes.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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