Mark Zuckerberg is sweating bullets after his role in this 2020 deception was exposed

The radical Left bragged about their role in “fortifying” the 2020 election.

Their unprecedented plot is being exposed.

And Mark Zuckerberg is sweating bullets after his role in this 2020 deception was exposed.

The 2020 election was marred by an unparalleled breakdown in election integrity.

Using the pandemic as an excuse, the Left worked to subvert the normal election rules.

Left-wing organizations colluded with Democrats to work around the law to benefit Joe Biden.

Now, a bombshell new report from Michigan, exposes Mark Zuckerberg’s role.

The Federalist used open records requests in Michigan to expose a stunning collusion between Zuckerberg-funded “voting rights” groups and the state’s Democrat secretary of state.

National Vote at Home Institute (NVAHI) CEO Amber McReynolds told Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to unilaterally issue a ruling for permanent absentee voting by mail.

McReynolds in an email to Benson instructed her to change Michigan’s absentee voting rules.

“I was thinking that you may have rule-making authority,” McReynolds said.

“The language below indicates that voters have a right to vote without giving a reason, which to me has left open the possibility of permanent or election specific absentee requests. To me, this means you do not likely need a legislative change,” McReynolds added.

Benson replied, “Thanks, Amber.”

After accepting McReynolds advice on changing absentee ballot applications, Benson told her “This is very helpful. We will be implementing many of your suggestions.”

Michigan had previously required that voters have a valid excuse to vote absentee by mail.

McReynolds is a left-wing activist from Colorado who was rewarded by Joe Biden with a job on the Postal Board.

NAVHI is a leftist group that advocates breaking down election integrity through a massive expansion of mail in voting.

The group shares leadership ties with the Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL).

Benson and Tiana Epps-Johnson, the leader of CTCL, both served as advisors to NVAHI.

Zuckerberg dumped $500 million into CTCL under the guise of helping states conduct elections during the pandemic.

But this money was funneled to state election officials to increase turnout in heavily blue areas.  

Now, every indication points to a second goal of changing voting rules in favor of Democrats.

This one of the clearest examples yet of the radical leftist elites’ shady moves to assist Biden.

A partisan left-wing activist was directing a supposedly neutral public official on how to do her job.

Even worse, the two were advised by Zuckerberg’s $500 million election group.

This unprecedented collusion between a left-wing activist and secretary of state may have cost Trump Michigan.

But it is just the latest evidence of questionable behavior by NAVHI.

In Wisconsin the group’s state director, who previously worked for Democrats, personally accessed absentee ballots over the objections of the Green Bay City Clerk.

Fortunately, voters in Michigan will have a chance to replace Zuckerberg-lackey Benson in the 2022 elections.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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