Mark Zuckerberg is sticking his head in the sand after this eye-popping figure was made public

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In recent years, the so-called fact-checking industry has taken off.

The Left in particular loves to use and cite fact-checkers, especially when they rubberstamp their outlandish claims.

But Mark Zuckerberg is sticking his head in the sand after this eye-popping figure was made public.

This landmark court case could undermine the thriving fact-checking industry

Most internet users are well aware of the fact that not everything on the web is true.

Over the years, a number of organizations and companies have developed so-called fact-checking services, which are designed to set the record straight.

Unfortunately, the radical Left in particular has hijacked some of these fact-checking services in order to give their claims the stamp of legitimacy.

At this point, most major social media companies employ fact checkers, which has caused an uproar amongst their users.

One such platform is Meta, which allegedly pays their fact checkers eye-popping sums for every “fact” they check.

More specifically, Australia-based reporter and commentator Avi Yemini recently filed a lawsuit against tech giant Meta, alleging that fact-checkers are rewarded with $800 AUD for every fact they check.

Yemini sites a contract between Meta and an independent fact-checking organization, in which Meta offers up to $800 AUD for these corrections.

Yemini claims that this quid pro quo arrangement proves that the fact-checkers used by Meta are not independent but rather subcontractors of Meta.

This means that these fact-checkers have an incentive to fact-check as many posts as possible, regardless of their legitimacy.

These suspicions reaffirm claims from many Meta users, particularly those from the right, that their content has been targeted and effectively censored by Meta and other entities.

Fact-checking has been morphed into a censorship tactic

Time and time again, the Left has called on tech companies to employ fact checkers in order to set the record straight on various claims and news stories.

However, a number of claims and damning memos show that these fact checkers allegedly do nothing more than criticize Right-leaning content, while rubber-stamping Left-leaning content.

This completely undermines the purpose of fact-checking, resulting in many social media users to sour on these services.

Just recently, it was revealed that the Joe Biden White House pressured Meta employees to censor the content of their political enemies, leading many Americans to wonder if the Biden administration has anything to do with bogus fact-checking services.

A closer look into the practices of Meta and other companies could reveal the extent to which fact-checking has been abused in recent years.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates on this ongoing story.

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