Mark Zuckerberg is seething over the leak of this nightmare plan

Social media sites have unfortunately become the de facto town square.

That has turned free speech over to a handful of Silicon Valley oligarchs.

But now Facebook’s head is seething over the leak of this nightmare plan.

Leaked documents show that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is planning something that will give you nightmares.

Zuckerberg has been under intense scrutiny for how he runs the platform.

People on the Right have ripped Facebook for censoring unauthorized opinions about everything from the COVID to the war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, people on the Left have flogged Facebook for not censoring even more.

So-called whistleblower Frances Haugen was all over the news demanding that the government regulate the platform in order to tamp down “disinformation.”

And President Joe Biden’s real-life Ministry of Truth – the supposedly paused Disinformation Governance Board – clearly had pressuring social media platforms, including Facebook, in its sights.

All the while, Democrats are holding the threat of regulation over their heads, under the guise of battling so-called “disinformation” threats, if Facebook doesn’t do more to further help the Left’s agenda.

Zuckerberg appears to be caught between a rock and a hard place – clearly supporting censoring conservatives ideologically but also presumably not wanting to give up more control over those decisions to the Democrat Party.

And now one leak from within the company won’t help Zuckerberg’s cause with either side.

Allegedly, Facebook wants to copy TikTok, which has been accused of flooding young users with inappropriate videos.

The Verge reported that “executives were closely tracking TikTok’s moves and had grown worried that they weren’t doing enough to compete. In conversations with CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year, they decided that Facebook needed to rethink the feed entirely. In an internal memo from late April obtained by The Verge, the Meta executive in charge of Facebook, Tom Alison, spelled out the plan: rather than prioritize posts from accounts people follow, Facebook’s main feed will, like TikTok, start heavily recommending posts regardless of where they come from. And years after Messenger and Facebook split up as separate apps, the two will be brought back together, mimicking TikTok’s messaging functionality.”

TikTok’s approach has allowed videos to go more viral whereas Facebook virality can be limited by users’ networks.

In other words, TikTok can essentially make whatever it wants go viral.

TikTok, which is ultimately controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, has been shown to feed kids harmful content.

The Wall Street Journal did an investigation by creating bot accounts of teenagers to see what type of content they would be fed.

The Journal reported that “TikTok served one account registered as a 13-year-old at least 569 videos about drug use, references to cocaine and meth addiction, and promotional videos for online sales of drug products and paraphernalia. Hundreds of similar videos appeared in the feeds of the Journal’s other minor accounts…TikTok also showed the Journal’s teenage users more than 100 videos from accounts recommending paid pornography sites and sex shops. Thousands of others were from creators who labeled their content as for adults only. Still others encouraged eating disorders and glorified alcohol, including depictions of drinking and driving and of drinking games.”

If that is what Facebook is attempting to emulate, then users should be very cautious about what Zuckerberg unleashes next.

Once the Left already fully grasps – if they don’t already – that Facebook implementing similar tech to TikTok would mean their boy Zuckerberg can make whatever they demand go viral, all bets could be off.  

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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