Mark Zuckerberg is delighted after a court makes a terrifyingly Orwellian decision

It’s always their way or the highway when it comes to the Left.

Few have been a bigger asset to the Democrat Party in ensuring that than Facebook’s founder. 

And Mark Zuckerberg was delighted after a court made this terrifyingly Orwellian decision.

Whenever you hear about the Left begging for fact-checkers, what they really mean are liberals who will reaffirm whatever they say. 

More often than not, there is nothing factual about fact-checkers. 

The Left is poisoning minds with their fake news “fact checkers” 

In today’s world, people are not trusted to read the news and use their own judgment as to what is fact and what is fiction. 

Instead, the Left now demands that “fact” checkers determine what is real and what is not. 

Naturally, people with an ounce of intelligence are skeptical of these fact-checkers, especially since they are often funded by liberal sources. 

One such person is none other than television personality John Stossel, who took his skepticism over fact-checkers to court. 

Stossel went to court after one of his videos entitled “Government Fueled Fires,” was marked by Facebook as “missing context” for claiming that the California wildfires were not entirely caused by climate change.  This flag caused his video to be downgraded, meaning less people were able to see it. 

Another one of his videos, “Are We Doomed” was also flagged by Facebook for “having partly false information” after questioning certain claims made by so-called climate scientists. 

These politically motivated fact-check labels had a significant impact on Stossel’s business, so he sued Facebook. 

Unfortunately for John Stossel, Mark Zuckerberg and his lawyers were able to pay for the best lawyers that money could buy in order to get their way. 

As a result, the court ruled that “Simply because the process by which content is assessed and a label applied is called a ‘fact-check’ does not mean that the assessment itself is an actionable statement of objective fact”. 

So in a nutshell, Facebook can flag something as untrue even if it is objectively true. 

How any judge in his right mind could make such a bogus and ridiculous ruling is complete and total hogwash. 

It is abundantly clear that Facebook and their bought-and-paid-for “fact-checkers” have no interest in putting out the truth, but are entirely politically motivated. 

Why so-called fact-checking is extremely dangerous

At the end of the day, this so-called fact-checking, especially when courts are ruling it does not have to actually check objective facts, is very dangerous. 

One of the most basic rights in America is the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech, and these checks serve as an Orwellian affront to these basic rights. 

Facebook and other social media sites have made it very clear that they do not support these fundamental freedoms, and are far more interested in pushing their far-Left agenda. 

This was painfully clear during Covid, when any mention of vaccine injuries or alternative Covid treatments other than the jab automatically flagged the post, regardless of what it actually said. 

It should always be up to the individual to determine what to believe.  Adding disclaimers is the first step in surrendering those values that are most integral to American freedom. 

Quite simply there’s a reason the Founders made protections of political speech and the press the first rights in the Bill of Rights.

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