Mark Zuckerberg got slapped with a record-setting fine and he’s tickled pink about it

People are slowly coming to grips with the power of technology companies.

Joe Biden would not have won the 2020 election without the help of Silicon Valley.

But Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t be happier about the record-setting fine he just got slapped with over election meddling.

Mark Zuckerberg significantly impacted the 2020 election when he dumped $400 million “Zuck Bucks” into precincts in key swing states in order to help the Democrats with a shadow get out the vote operation.

In addition to that, Zuckerberg’s platform Facebook intentionally slowed the spread of The New York Post’s Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell report.

Facebook exec. Andy Stone admitted as much publicly.

Now it’s come to light Zuckerberg has ignored following a blatantly unconstitutional Washington state political speech law.

Washington State just slapped Facebook parent company Meta with the largest fine in state history for violating laws regarding political ads.

Average citizens are forced to obey unconstitutional speech law that tech billionaires sneer at

The Seattle Times reported that “Meta, Facebook’s parent company, was fined nearly $25 million Wednesday for intentionally and repeatedly violating Washington’s campaign finance laws. King County Superior Court Judge Douglass North issued the maximum possible fine to the social media giant, after finding that the company had, between 2019 and 2021, violated Washington’s longstanding political disclosure law 822 separate times. It is the largest campaign finance penalty ever issued anywhere in the country, Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office said.”

A $25 million fine is a drop in the bucket for Facebook, which is why they continued violating the rules so brazenly.

The Seattle Times added that “Washington’s transparency law, originally passed by voters through an initiative in 1972, requires ad sellers such as Meta to disclose the names and addresses of political ad buyers, the targets of such ads and the total number of views of each ad. Ad sellers must provide the information to anyone who asks for it. Other sellers of political ads, including television stations and newspapers, have had to abide by the Washington requirements for decades. In 2018, after Ferguson’s first lawsuit, Facebook said it would stop selling political ads in the state, rather than comply with the law. Google, similarly, said it would stop selling political ads in Washington. But they didn’t stop selling political ads.”

If the past few years have taught Americans anything it’s that free – and yes anonymous – political speech should be sacrosanct in a truly free country.  

But tech oligarchs want to censor political speech they don’t like while they themselves ignore the campaign finance laws average Joe and Jane American must adhere to under the guise of “anti-corruption.”  

How “Gag Acts” are intended to operate

Quite simply, this is exactly why such laws, rightly known as “Gag Acts,” are intended to operate.   

They’re not about stopping corruption.

They’re about propping corruption up, by scaring the little guy into staying quiet or making it so onerous to engage in political speech during campaigns that it protects those in power.

Bob Ferguson knows that even the largest fine in Washington State’s history isn’t enough to stop Zuckerberg from engaging in any form of electioneering that he wishes.

But the Democrat Attorney General doesn’t want to shut Mark Zuckerberg up.

He knows Zuckerberg will find a way to have his fingerprints all over elections no matter what.

What Ferguson wants is to send a message to folks who aren’t billionaires about how high the cost could go if they violate the state’s anti-free speech laws. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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