Marjorie Taylor Greene just exposed Pelosi and this massive company’s stunning scheme

Marjorie Taylor Greene drives the radical Left bonkers.

They’re trying to take her and other America First Republicans out.

Because Marjorie Taylor Greene just exposed Pelosi and this massive company’s stunning scheme.

The sham January 6th Commission set up by Nancy Pelosi and Democrats is turning into a kangaroo court.

Democrats are using the commission to get as much intelligence as they can on their Republican counterparts.

Their plan isn’t about investigating the January 6th trespassing but about using the commission and the info it obtains to try to hurt Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.

Unable to run on Joe Biden’s disastrous record, all they can do is try and change the subject.

The commission is trying to subpoena all of the electronic records they can get their hands on from Republicans.

One subpoena is asking for “all call, message, Internet Protocol and data connection detail records associated with the phone number” from wireless carriers.

Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t having any of the Democrats’ underhanded snooping.

She Tweeted, “AT&T complying with Democrat’s Communist style invasion of privacy by handing over people’s personal cell phone data to the fake J6 committee is the absolute worst unconstitutional mistake!!!”

“Democrats MUST pay a steep price and I will work with my colleagues to make it happen,” she concluded.

Democrats have subpoenaed other cell phone providers but there’s no word yet whether they’ll comply with the demands.

Taylor Greene joins fellow America First House member Jim Jordan of Ohio in calling out the commission’s assault on civil liberties.

Jordan said, “This partisan committee is just — a chilling impact it has on our speech.”

“But frankly, it shouldn’t surprise us, because every single liberty we’ve enjoyed as Americans under the First Amendment has been assaulted by the Left over the last year,” Jordan continued.

Taylor Greene continues to be one the leaders in the fight against fake narrative pushed by Democrats about January 6th.

She recently called attention to the miserable treatment of political prisoners still held imprisoned in connection to the events of that day.

With Democrats’ chances of holding the house after the midterm election looking slim, Taylor Greene and Republicans could be in position to make Democrats pay for the overreach.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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