Marco Rubio unleashed a rant on reporters about something truly nightmarish happening to his campaign that wasn’t their coverage

Fighting the Democratic Party is bad enough.

Now, Republicans have to fight “woke” corporations as well.

And Marco Rubio unleashed a rant on reporters about something truly nightmarish happening to his campaign that wasn’t their coverage.

Senator Marco Rubio is the latest Republican to call out shenanigans going on at Google.

The far-Left Big Tech giant appears to be making it harder for Republicans to send emails to constituents.

Rubio tweeted, “Marco Rubio for Senate is in @Google purgatory. Since a Pelosi puppet announced she was running against me they have sent 66% of my emails to REGISTERED SUPPORTERS with @gmail to spam…And during the final weeks of finance quarters it climbs to over 90%.”

Rubio isn’t the only Republican to experience this.

Several GOP members met with Google Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker to discuss a study that should bias against Republicans on the service.

Montana Senator Steve Daines wrote in a recent op-ed, “A new, nonpartisan study from researchers at North Carolina State University has unmistakably exposed Big Tech’s most egregious attempt to tilt the scale toward left-wing candidates. Ahead of the 2020 elections, the researchers found that Gmail, the most used email platform in the world, was a whopping seven times more likely to send conservative candidates’ emails to a spam folder than it was to send left-wing candidates’ emails to that unwanted destination. By making it more difficult for right-of-center candidates to convey their message to voters, Gmail’s political bias dramatically hurt Republican candidates while benefiting their Democrat counterparts. This is unacceptable.”

These are the subversive ways that leftists tip the scales in their favor.

Sometimes they use stealth methods like this, and sometimes they suppress major stories like the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell from The New York Post.

Elon Musk’s attempt to purchase Twitter has exposed the absurd bias within Big Tech companies.

A senior engineer at Twitter got caught on candid camera saying that employees at the company are “commie as f*ck.”

This is the level of institutional rot that has been allowed to take hold.

And it’s to the point where the Google algorithms are clearly being manipulated.

For example, Google has been caught prioritizing certain results with its Search product.

The company also fired engineer James Damore after he distributed an internal memo—at the encouragement of supervisors—that harmlessly pointed out that men and women are different.

Google has been compromised, and the company’s bias must be called out.

The only question is what the GOP will do about it if they regain power. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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