Marco Rubio just threw up a roadblock that has George Soros and the Left in a panic

The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to cling to power.

But the American people are pushing back on the establishment’s encroachment on freedom.

And Marco Rubio just threw up a roadblock that has George Soros and the Left in a panic.

The victory of Republican Mayra Flores in a recent Congressional special election served as a shot across the bow.

The GOP candidate won in a Texas district that is 84% Hispanic, and had been a Democratic stronghold forever.

MSNBC columnist Eric Michael Garcia said, “There is a political earthquake happening in Latino politics in South Texas and there is a reason I have been saying it will be voting like West Virginia…But…I expected this in two decades…This should be a five-alarm fire for Democrats.”

The Democrats are finally catching on that they’re losing ground with Hispanic voters.

And a group of prominent Democrats—with financial backing from George Soros—bought 18 Spanish-language radio stations in order to flood the airwaves with progressive propaganda.

The Democrats can’t accept that Latino voters are moving away from the Party.

They think so-called “misinformation” on Spanish-language radio is the only reason it could possibly be happening.

So they’re trying to combat they’re favorite new bogeyman from the inside.

And they created the Latino Media Network to take over the 18 stations and serve as information czars over a massive swath of Spanish-language radio.

But Florida Senator Marco Rubio is leading a coalition to halt the deal.

Axios reported that “conservative Cuban-American lawmakers have launched a battle over the purchase of 18 influential Hispanic radio stations by a group with progressive ties…The Latino Media Network’s deal for the TelevisaUnivision stations could transform a large portion of the U.S. Latino media landscape…In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, which must still approve the acquisition, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and other lawmakers wrote the group ‘led by partisan operatives with zero experience in broadcasting’ may work to silence certain political viewpoints.”

The Latino Media Network, a progressive organization, claims to be buying the stations to combat Republican “disinformation,” which has become the Democrats’ catch-all excuse for censoring information they don’t like.

But in reality, the Latino Media Network is attempting to stifle effective messaging.

The letter sponsored by Rubio argued, “If successful, (the Latino Media Network) could exercise virtually uncontested influence over nearly one-third of all Hispanics across the country…Given the importance of the FCC’s stewardship over the limited AM and FM bandwidth available across the United States, we ask that the commission carry out its due diligence and thoughtfully scrutinize the takeover of these stations by a partisan organization.”

Regardless of whether or not Rubio and other Republican lawmakers can stop the deal, the move highlights the desperation of the Democrats.

They cannot win without propaganda and indoctrination because their ideas are so nonsensical and unnatural.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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