Lindsey Graham has an idea that could make Big Tech censorship even worse

Big Tech has become incredibly powerful.

Conservatives rightfully are concerned with major social media platforms censoring opposing viewpoints. 

But Lindsey Graham has an idea that could make Big Tech censorship even worse.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is working on a proposal for the federal government to license social media companies. 

What should really raise eyebrows is that he is working with socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on this proposal. 

Senator Warren is no friend of free speech. 

Senator Warren recently has called on the government to shut down crisis pregnancy centers which convince women to seek alternatives to abortion and provide them with support. 

You can bet that Senator Warren’s motivation for supporting this licensing scheme is that she wants to censor conservatives while claiming to be only censoring what she calls “hate speech.”

On top of that, Senator Graham has a long history of support for deep-state warrantless surveillance. 

Freedom-loving conservatives should be skeptical of any scheme cooked up by these two. 

According to Senator Graham, his regulations could put limits on what speech the companies could take down while also requiring them to be tougher about criminal use of the networks and foreign interference.

“If somebody takes your content down you’ll have an appeal process,” he said at a Congressional hearing.

Conservatives should demand Congress repeal Silicon Valley’s exemptions from getting sued if they insist on censoring, not give themselves more power.

Graham would do well to remember that in 2016 Democrats accused virtually everyone supporting Donald Trump on social media of being a “Russian troll.”

One of the biggest problems with Big Tech censorship is a lack of competition from sites that support free speech. 

But this licensing scheme could make that even worse. 

In today’s political environment, it’s not unlikely that bureaucrat regulators appointed by the Biden administration would use the licensing to shut down independent social networks, like Donald Trump’s Truth Social.

It is no doubt that censorship of conservative speech on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter is a huge issue. 

But it is hard to see how a licensing scheme, one that is concocted with input from Elizabeth Warren no less, will do anything to improve things. 

Conservatives would do better to explore other options, such as reforming Section 230. 

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