Lindsey Graham did something unthinkable that could make Hunter Biden Laptop-style media collusion federal law

Donald Trump correctly called the corporate-controlled media, “the enemy of the people.”

But some conservatives are trying to cozy up to them.

And Lindsey Graham just did something unthinkable that could make Hunter Biden Laptop-style media collusion federal law. 

Lindsey Graham has always been a problem for conservatives.

He gave himself cover by sucking up to President Trump.

But Trump saw through Lindsey’s act calling him “the progressive senator from South Carolina.”

With Trump out of office, he’s back to selling out conservatives as full on RINO.

He’s backing a bill to bailout the corporate-controlled media absolving them of years of bad decisions and fake news.

The corporate-controlled media is hurting financially these days.

Their extreme left-wing agenda, cheerleading for Democrats and false narratives, have caused millions to abandon them.

Instead of adapting, they’re bound and determined to stick to their failing business model and have the government bail them out.

Even worse, Graham is propping up the corporate-controlled media at the expense of independent and conservative media.

He’s teaming up with Democrats to try ram through a bill called the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA).

The bill would exempt print, broadcast, and digital news companies from federal antitrust law for four years.

Corporate-controlled media companies could work together with Big Tech platforms like Twitter, Google and Facebook to negotiate a share of Big Tech’s ad revenues.

Flat-out it would enshrine a Big Tech/Big Media cartel in law.

These are the same people who colluded to keep voters in the dark about the Hunter Biden Laptop before the 2020 election.

And now, Lindsey Graham wants to reward them by letting failing legacy media companies band together to help force independent and conservative media out of the market.

Of course, leftist Big Tech titans would love to have to stop forking over online ad revenue to independent and conservative outlets.

And under the Graham-supported bill, Big Tech would prioritize legacy media outlets’ content on their ad platforms while conservative and independent media would be left out.

The corporate-controlled media could use their leverage to shut down their competition in the conservative media through their unfair advantage.

The bill would enshrine the collusion between the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech while leaving others out in the cold.

They could freeze out their smaller competitors from this new cartel with Big Tech.

With Big Tech giving the corporate-controlled media a cut of their ad revenue, they’ll be financially incentivized to boost the corporate-controlled media.

This bill is nothing but a bailout to failed, corrupt corporate-controlled media companies.

Their product is terrible and people are abandoning it in droves.

Instead of being forced to adapt or fold like every other company in the free market, the government is going to keep the fake news business going with a special favor.

Sadly, some conservatives in Congress who should know better have signed onto the bill as a way to curb Big Tech’s power.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald blasted the move saying, “Further empowering this already-powerful media industry…runs the real risk of transferring the abusive monopoly power from Silicon Valley to corporate media companies or, even worse, encouraging some sort of de facto merger in which these two industries pool their power to the mutual benefit of each.”

It remains to be seen if the bill will pass, but it’s clear Lindsey Graham has put his conservative act under President Trump back in the closet.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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