Libs of TikTok just won a massive victory for everyone who has been defamed by the Left

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When a leftist can’t win a debate, they turn to character assassination to discredit their opponent.

And when that doesn’t work, they seem to sic their cancel culture mob on their rivals to silence speech that runs opposite to their faulty woke narrative.

But now Libs of TikTok has just won a massive victory that is a sign of hope and a blueprint for everyone else who has been defamed by the radical Left.

Who is Libs of TikTok?

Chaya Raichik is the firebrand behind the infamous Twitter account, Libs of Tik Tok.

On her account, Raichik illustrates the insanity of the far-Left by simply reposting their own videos from the Chinese Communist Party’s TikTok social media platform.

By showing the woke radicals say the quiet parts out loud, she has built a loyal following of fans.

Libs of TikTok is one of the top conservative accounts on Twitter, Rumble, and Truth Social.

And because of that, the radical Left is constantly trying to cancel and deplatform Libs of TikTok.

But the Cancel Culture efforts are deterring Raichik’s resolve.

Even if it means she has to take her defaming haters to court.

Libs of TikTok vs. the Anti-Defamation League

Much like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) targets anyone right of center on the political spectrum.

The ADL keeps a list of so-called “extremist hate groups.”

And to be fair, some of the organizations on the list truly are repugnant, like the KKK, Nazi groups, and Hamas.

And somehow, the ADL decided that the Jewish independent journalist who operates Libs of TikTok, Chaya Raichik ended up on the same list, just for reposting radical leftist’s own social media posts.

Raichik didn’t take the defamation of her name and reputation lying down.
She issues a legal threat, saying her legal team would take the ADL to court if they did not remove her from the list.

And before the clock ran out on the ADL, the hate group decided it wasn’t worth inappropriately listing Raichik as an extremist.

“The ADL finally caved after immense pressure and threats of legal action and REMOVED my name from their Glossary of Extremism,” Raichik tweeted.

The Left always shoots the messenger

Raichik believes the ADL’s decision is proof that their decision to put her on the list was politically motivated all along.

“Just goes to show that the ADL knows I’m not a violent extremist,” Raichik tweeted. “The decision to put me on their ‘Glossary of Extremism’ was all political theater. They’re a propaganda tool of the radical Left and they went too far with this.”

As expected, leftists are losing their minds over the ADL’s decision.

Many posts and even headlines from Big Media referred to the ADL as “caving” to Raichik’s “demands.”

However, Raichik and Libs of TikTok aren’t totally out of the woods just yet.

There’s still another hate group falsely labeling her as a radical extremist.

The SPLC still considers Raichik a domestic terrorist and has blamed Libs of TikTok– without a shred of evidence – for bomb threats at a California elementary school.
SPLC has been a go-to source for the Left to freeze speech by performing character assassination against conservatives.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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