Liberal journalist left Democrats fuming when he called them out on the real fuel behind this epic meltdown

Cultish leftists loathe anyone who makes them look bad or stands in the way of Democrat Party power.

But they go way beyond excommunicating the critic when they come from the Left.

And Democrats are fuming after this liberal journalist called them out on the real fuel behind one epic meltdown.

To win elections the Left relies on the convergence of Big Media, Big Tech and Big Education. 

These institutions bend over backwards to ensure Democrat victory on Election Day. 

But now, liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald is calling out the absurdity of the fear-mongering going on over Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. 

Musk rocks Twitter’s world 

The blue checkmarks on Twitter are melting down. 

Shrieks of fear can be heard emulating from newsrooms across the country. 

Elon Musk is buying Twitter after all. 

It’s been a long will they/won’t they courtship. 

At first, Twitter didn’t want Musk to buy them.

But the world’s richest man made an offer the board couldn’t refuse. 

But then it was Musk who soured on the purchase after he discovered the staggering number of bots on the platform – and the board’s deceit about the quantity of fake accounts. 

There was a legal back and forth, with Twitter attempting to force the founder of Tesla into honoring his initial offer, despite changing details in the deal. 

But after Musk announced earlier this week he will in fact buy the company, it seems leftists across the country are nervous the great “Democrat comeback” will be in jeopardy if Twitter isn’t helping its blue teammates across the finish line this November.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins let the mask down when he unwittingly admitted that Twitter helps the Democrat Party through its suppression of conservative views, writing in a tweet, “For those of you asking: Yes, I do think this site can and will change pretty dramatically if Musk gets full control over it,” Collins tweeted. “No, there is no immediate replacement. If it (the purchase) gets done early enough, based on the people he’s aligned with, yes, it could actually affect midterms.”

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald took particular exception to Collins’ comments. 

“This person bizarrely doesn’t realize he is an employee of one of the largest media corporations in the world — the Comcast Corp., with NBC News as one of its units — and they, too, ‘capriciously’ promote whatever lies and disinformation they want with ‘no real guardrails,'” Greenwald tweeted. 

The hypocrisy of Big Media 

Greenwald pointed out several examples of NBC’s blatant propagation of conspiracy theories. 

For example, when NBC devoted a segment to the 100% fictional fable that Russia would “hand over” Edward Snowden as a “gift” to make Donald Trump look good. 

And Greenwald believes the fear mongering is about more than just the potential electoral implications – but also the threat to Big Media credibility.  

“People like Collins aren’t worried Musk can ‘capriciously’ promote what he wants ‘with no guardrails,’” Greenwald said. “They’re only worried when this allows people to freely point out their lies. This is why employees of the largest media corporations (eg Collins, Brandy Zadrozny, Taylor Lorenz, etc.) are the most vocal and devoted advocates for censorship, why they neurotically whine if people can have ‘unfettered’ conversations. That threatens their employers’ control.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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