Liberal comic unleashed three words to describe the thing that’s tearing apart the country

Photo by the Joe Rogan Experience, via YouTube

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan is not afraid to ruffle feathers.

That’s why the establishment and institutional media hate him so much.

And Rogan unleashed with three words to describe the thing that’s tearing apart the country.

Joe Rogan routinely talks to people that the so-called mainstream media would not dare.

For example, Rogan spoke with epidemiologists who had heterodox views about how to handle the pandemic.

Rogan was mocked and lied about by the press for simply talking to people.

And he believes that online censorship is a “threat to democracy.”

Joe Rogan and Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi go off on the state of free speech online

Rogan recently spoke to independent journalist Matt Taibbi, and the two discussed the current state of free speech online.

Taibbi is one of the journalists that new Twitter owner Elon Musk trusted to release dispatches of the Twitter Files.

During the conversation, Rogan said that Musk “truly believes that censored social media is a threat to democracy…I believe it, too.”

It’s difficult for people to make informed decisions about politics if they are not allowed to hear all of the pertinent information.

That’s the problem with online censorship, which has gotten progressively worse over the past few years, culminating in the banishment of Donald Trump from every major social media platform.

Taibbi added, “Elon Musk essentially spent $44 billion dollars to become a whistleblower of his own company.”

Musk said that it is his mission to fight the “woke” mind virus, which he believes will devour the West whole if allowed to spread unchecked.

Rogan continued, “I don’t think anybody ever anticipated that something like this would happen where Twitter would get sold to an eccentric billionaire who’s intent on letting all the information get released.”

Musk purchasing Twitter was the establishment’s worst nightmare, which is why so many forces tried so hard to block the move.

Taibbi responded, “I think he’s got a pretty developed sense of humor though and that comes through. I think he gets a kick out of seeing all this stuff come out on Twitter which used to be the kind of the private stomping ground of all these whiny journalists and now here’s all this information that is just horrifying to all of them. $44 billion dollars is a lot to spend on that thrill, but I’m glad he did.”

A lot of people are glad Musk did because now they are able to access information that was rapidly being drowned out entirely.

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