“Let’s Go Brandon” driver targeted in one unforgivable move that will leave you red with rage

The woke mob is trying to take over every aspect of American life.

You’ll be infuriated by their latest despicable move to run cover for Joe Biden.

And “Let’s Go Brandon” driver Brandon Brown just targeted in one unforgivable move that will leave you red with rage.

One of the biggest cultural phenomenons in years occurred at Talladega after driver Brandon Brown secured his first victory.

Thousands of fans chanted “F- Joe Biden” but the NBC reporter interviewer claimed that the fans were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”.

And “Let’s Go Brandon” spread like wildfire across the country afterwards.

But, unfortunately for race fans, NASCAR just ran cover for Joe Biden with a despicable cancel culture move that proves even NASCAR is falling to the woke mob.

NASCAR canceled Driver Brandon Brown’s new sponsor.

Brown was put in a rough spot as cancel culture made corporate sponsors nervous to sponsor his car next season.

But the perfect sponsor emerged as the new cryptocurrency LGBCoin or “Let’s Go Brandon” Coin agreed to become the lead sponsor for his car.

At first the sponsorship was approved but the woke leadership of NASCAR canceled the move.

Brown had already released pictures of his car with its new logo LGBCoin.io prominently displayed.

NASCAR is claiming Brown’s team “jumped the gun” by announcing the sponsorship.

But Brown’s spokesman Maxwell Marcucci claims NASCAR approved it and then yanked their approval.

He said, “After the announcement went live on Thursday morning, NASCAR acknowledged to us late that afternoon that we had received approval but that they now needed to discuss this at a higher level.” 

NASCAR’s only critique was making sure the logo was slightly tweaked “to ensure legibility on the track at 170mph.”

LGBcoin founder James Koutoulas is threatening legal action against NASCAR for pulling the sponsorship.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps has been desperate to distance the sport from the chant. 

Previously he allowed a car with Black Lives Matter on it so controversial slogans are clearly allowed.

No matter what happens with Brown’s sponsorship this is sure to drive up the popularity of “Let’s Go Brandon” chants at races next season.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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