Letitia James’ Trump case is crumbling before the Democrats’ eyes

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Left have ordered an all-out assault on Donald Trump.

They want to destroy him before the 2024 election even comes around.

But Letitia James’ Trump case is crumbling before the Democrats’ eyes.

The Democrats are moving full speed ahead with their plan to leave Donald Trump in jail and penniless.

Their plan includes endless lawfare, the worst instance being the fraud case brought by Attorney General Letitia James.

James, who promised to “get” Trump, did not bring criminal charges against Trump.

Instead, she brought a civil lawsuit for fraud accusing Trump of inflating property value in loan applications.

But Trump already paid back the loans with interest, thus no parties were harmed.

Nevertheless, a judgment against Trump could tie up his finances in court for a long time.

However, the Democrats’ case against Trump took a hit when former Trump attorney and convicted liar Michael Cohen testified.

Ex-Trump fixer turned states witness got caught in a lie

Cohen gave contradictory testimony that Trump’s lawyers immediately jumped on.

Forbes reported that “Cohen also said he was lying under oath in congressional testimony he gave in 2019, in which he denied any recollection of Trump ever asking him or [Allen] Weisselberg to inflate numbers for financial statements. After the court’s lunch break, however, Cohen reversed course and denied he had lied in that congressional testimony after all, saying he told the truth.”

So Cohen testified in the fraud case that Trump directed him to inflate the numbers for the loan application, which contradicted Congressional testimony.

Cohen was either lying then, or he’s lying now.

Either way, his credibility has taken a massive hit.

Fani Willis won’t like this

Cohen tried to clean up his testimony by saying that Trump “did not specifically state, ‘Michael, go inflate the numbers’…[He] speaks like a mob boss…[and]…tells you what he wants without specifically telling you.”

So Cohen was essentially testifying to Trump’s state of mind.

The latter explanation dovetailed neatly with the Democrats’ overarching theory about Trump.

Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis brought RICO charges against Trump so she could indict his lawyers and associates as if he were a mafia boss giving orders to his lieutenants.

Prior to the proceedings, Trump told the media, “We’re going to be here for months with a judge that already made up his mind. It’s ridiculous. He’s a Democrat judge. He’s an operative. And it’s ridiculous. Other than that, things went very well.”

The fraud case is looking more suspect by the minute.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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