Lena Dunham school did one thing that will leave you furious

College campuses have been totally captured by radical leftists.

Every bad idea plaguing America originated on a college campus.

Now this Lena Dunham school has done one thing that will leave you furious.

Oberlin College in Ohio is a notoriously far-Left university.

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), a nonpartisan organization that fights for free speech primarily on college campuses, rated Oberlin 144th out of 159 schools in ideological diversity.

In fact, the school is so full of leftists, the lack of Republicans on campus actually resulted in exposing alumn and notorious left-wing nut job actress Lena Dunham’s rape hoax when she accused an “Oberlin College Republican” named “Barry” in her 2014 book Not that kind of Girl.

The only “Oberlin College Republican” named “Barry” who attended the school with Dunham was quickly canceled from social media at the time and his life and reputation likely suffered huge damage before Dunham was forced to admit it was fiction. 

Dunham’s publisher made good on a massive payout to “Barry.”

But Oberlin College apparently doesn’t believe in paying its court-ordered judgments to the wrongly-accused.

The college recently got hit with a $33 million defamation judgment in another case—the largest in Ohio history—after ex-dean of student Meredith Raimondo falsely accused a local bakery of racism and organized a protest against the establishment.

Now Oberlin refuses to pay the damages.

The school faces an additional $4 million in interest penalties.

Breitbart reported that “Gibson’s Bakery is reportedly struggling to survive after Oberlin College students and dean of students Meredith Raimondo falsely accused the business of racism. Moreover, students are continuing to boycott the 137 year-old bakery, despite the allegations being proven false…Earlier this year, three judges on the Ninth District Court of Appeals issued a 3-0 decision upholding the 2019 ruling in the case. Oberlin College was ordered to pay Gibson’s Bakery $33 million for defamation damages in 2019 after Raimondo — now an ex-dean — orchestrated a woke mob into slandering the family as racists for calling the police on three black students for allegedly shoplifting a bottle of wine.”

Oberlin is currently appealing the decision.

This is how the “woke” Left operates.

They slander people and institutions and never admit fault or take responsibility.

The Left feel justified in their actions, even if the grievances are fake.

All it took was a false charge to destroy the local business.

And college campuses are the epicenter of this madness.

There are too many insane instances just over the past few years to recount.

A renowned theater professor at Columbia who escaped communist butcher Nikolai Ceausescu in Romania resigned from the university because he said it had become “communist.”

Conservative commentator and author Ben Shaprio needed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of security when he went to speak at Berkeley.

Speakers like Ann Coulter and Charles Murray have literally been chased off campus.

The radical Left problem has spiraled out of control.

Universities have always been liberals, but they are flat-out Stalinist today.

Conservatives either have to stop sending their kids to these schools, or properly inoculate them ahead of time.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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