Leftists will take sick glee at the latest American shutdown by this powerful Big Tech platform

Unless you’re a twisted leftist, you probably noticed censorship creeping up more and more in America.

Now online censorship is about to become a catastrophic problem for everyone.

But leftists will take sick glee at the latest American shutdown by this powerful Big Tech platform.

Americans are facing the weaponization of the technology platforms that impact so much of our daily lives.

Radical leftist views dominate the tech oligopoly.

And the masterminds in Silicon Valley are fully prepared to censor whatever falls outside their ideological lines.

Arbitrarily enforcing content policies is how platforms are doing it.

Now, the censors’ content “rules” are even limiting people’s ability to pitch in to support causes they want, after a major crowdfunding site shut down one campaign for an absurd reason.

Sadly, sites like GoFundMe are playing just the part the establishment wants.

The fundraising site GoFundMe just went out of its way to prove it is yet another platform rife with leftists ideology that’s hellbent on doing everything it can to rein in free speech.

GoFundMe just pulled down the campaign of a fired nurse who fought against Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

From Business Insider:

“The online fundraising platform GoFundMe has removed a campaign started by a nurse in Texas who sought to overturn a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, telling Insider that upon further review the fundraiser — which had brought in more than $180,000 — ran afoul of its policy against misinformation. Started in April, the campaign was led by Jennifer Bridges, a former registered nurse at Houston Methodist hospital who was fired after refusing to get vaccinated…[L]awyers for Bridges and dozens of other employees who signed on to the litigation were being forced by the Texas hospital to take an ‘experimental’ vaccine.”

Arbitrarily enforced policies turn once free nations into banana republics or worse.

That’s now standard operation for many tech platforms’ so-called “content moderators,” including at GoFundMe.

For example, far-left campaigns started by Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists have been allowed to stay up on the platform.

Meanwhile, campaigns for small business owners fighting draconian lockdowns have been shuttered.

GoFundMe spokeswoman Heidi Hagberg said of Bridges’s campaign:

“When our team initially reviewed the fundraiser, it was within our terms of service as the funds were for legal fees to fight vaccine mandates…The fundraiser has since been updated to include misinformation which violates our terms of service.”

The “misinformation” in the campaign was that the vaccine was not FDA-approved, which it was not when the campaign was launched.

GoFundMe also took exception with Bridges’ statement that “no one should ever be forced to inject something into their body that is not safe against their will.”

The COVID regime deems the vaccine “safe,” which is a matter of opinion and varies based on someone’s individual medical history.

GoFundMe also disdained Bridges’ anecdotal evidence about adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Since the leftist Big Pharma shills at GoFundMe did not like Bridges, or her campaign, they shut it down and hid behind “misinformation.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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