Leftists aren’t happy Facebook is siccing its lawyers on a production company over this one upcoming project

Facebook’s dubious practices are finally being called into question.

The social media giant is catching flak from people on both sides of the aisle.

But now leftists aren’t happy Facebook is siccing its lawyers on a production company over this one upcoming project.

One production company has Mark Zuckerberg’s lawyers breathing down the back of their necks for a reason few expected.

Facebook is going after an upcoming television series that views the company through a critical lens.

Conservatives have been furious at Facebook over the past few years because of increased censorship and collaboration with the establishment Left.

On the other hand, leftists are irate at Facebook for not censoring the platform enough.

The new series will undoubtedly attack Facebook from the Left for not stopping dastardly Donald Trump voters.

From Deadline:

Facebook may be getting pelted of late by revelations from whistleblowers and damning internal documents made public, but the Mark Zuckerberg co-founded social media giant has decided to draw the line when it comes to the upcoming TV series Doomsday Machine.

“AC can seek to create the Series without reliance on the absurd characterizations and false narratives of the Book,” said a letter sent this morning to Anonymous Content CEO Dawn Olmstead from GreenbergTraurig partner Mathew Rosengart on behalf of Facebook, in regards to the Claire Foy-starring project based on the bestseller An Ugly Truth.

“Although our client is a public figure, the truth still matters,” added Rosengart, who also has Britney Spears among his clients.

The David Fincher film The Social Network chronicled Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to power and how he launched Facebook under shady circumstances and became a billionaire in his twenties.

The film did not portray Zuckerberg in a positive light, so one can only imagine how negative Doomsday Machine will be if he’s resorting to legal warfare.

The Wall Street Journal has released a series of damaging reports called The Facebook Files, which have exposed questionable practices within the company.

Of course, the complaints from the corporate press are that Facebook needs to be regulated in order to censor “harmful” while the conservative critique is for the platform to allow more speech.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, who’s actually a Democratic operative, has been making the rounds in the media and on Capitol Hill in order to ramp up regulation efforts against Facebook.

Doomsday Machine will almost certainly further that establishment agenda.

They want total control of information, even if it means eroding America’s culture of free speech.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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