Leftists are clutching their pearls after Kyle Rittenhouse just made this big announcement

The Left is still trying to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse’s life.

They have been seething ever since his acquittal on murder charges.

Now leftists are clutching their pearls after Kyle Rittenhouse just made this big announcement.

Kyle Rittenhouse wants to attend college in person.

He enrolled at Arizona State online, which triggered radical leftists at the school to protest against him.

It seemed as if the radicals won because Rittenhouse had withdrawn from classes – even though he had only enrolled in online classes.

However, Rittenhouse says he still intends to matriculate at Arizona State in person.

During an interview with Steven Crowder, Rittenhouse said:

“I want to go to law school…I’m going to ASU in the spring, in person. I want to do my four-year undergrad there before I take the LSAT and go do my three years of law.”

Rittenhouse also addressed the rumor that he was no longer enrolled at the school.

He said:

“I took a compassionate withdrawal from my classes…My professors offered it, and then a week later they gave me a compassionate withdrawal, which, thank you for that…But then [the school] came out with this statement saying, ‘Oh, no, no, no, he’s not enrolled at ASU anymore.’ I’m like, I’m enrolled. I’m just not in any classes. I’m admitted. I have a student portfolio.”

Even though college campuses have become inundated with radicals, Rittenhouse said that most of his classmates were not unhinged activists.

He added:

“There weren’t even a lot of protesters there…It was a very, very small amount. And then people are just, like, ‘Let him get an education.’”

A small number of loud activists shouldn’t be able to dictate campus-wide policy, but often that’s precisely what administrators allow to happen.

Rittenhouse also said that his experience in the criminal justice system made him want to go into law instead of nursing or policing.

He continued:

“I want to be a criminal defense attorney…I’m big on — no matter who the person is — I believe everybody deserves fair and good legal representation.”

The Left tried to destroy him, but so far Rittenhouse is on a healthy track.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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