LeBron James just became a key player in a jaw-dropping silencing scheme

The Left cannot tolerate being humiliated.

All-out Democrat attacks on Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott over Martha’s Vineyard and bussing illegals are recent proof of that.

But now LeBron James has just become a key player in a jaw-dropping silencing scheme.

The Left lashes out any time they get humiliated.

And that extends to even jokes.

The Bee gets hit after it clowned LeBron James

Christian conservative satire site The Babylon Bee has come under relentless assault from the Left in recent months.

For the longest time, The Bee was not verified on Twitter in spite of having nearly 1 million followers.

The company has been locked out of its Twitter account for six months and counting for a satirical headline that labeled Biden cabinet appointee Rachel Levine—born Richard Levine— one of the sites’ “Men of the Year.”

Now The Babylon Bee is getting “fact-checked” for a comedic headline about NBA superstar LeBron James, who has essentially become a sacred cow on the Left.

Such so-called “fact-checks” are a prime tool deployed by the Left that serve as both a means to limit the reach of problematic stories on social media – such as the Hunter Biden laptop story – and as the basis to ban voices under the guise they’re supposedly spreading misinformation.  

The Bee earned this latest fact check after the site made post this week of a meme photo to story from 2020 with a headline that read: “NBA Players Wear Lace Collars to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg” with a picture of James and Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis photoshopped in lace.

Despite the fact The Bee is arguably the most well known satire site and it’s clearly marked as so, the post received a ridiculous “false information” label from Facebook.

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon said, “This was a particularly dangerous joke. Thank you, Facebook, for keeping us all safe!”

Big Tech uses “fact-checks” on alleged “misinformation” as a pretext to censor and ban 

It’s ridiculous that this continues to happen to a satire site.

And while it may not seem as monumental in this case, compared to say the Hunter laptop story, it’s yet more proof that Big Tech gatekeepers like Facebook and Twitter will use “misinformation” as a pretext to censor and ban people with the wrong opinions.

The Bee has already been barred from using Twitter for failing to delete the “offending” tweet about Levine.

A Twitter senior engineer got caught on camera confessing that leadership at the company was “commie as f*ck,” and in true communist fashion, Twitter wants people guilty of wrongthink to admit guilt by deleting their incriminating Tweet.

The Babylon Bee refuses to delete a satirical post about a public government figure, which used to be fair game for mockery, so they can no longer use Twitter.

And leftists are all too anxious to expand this censorship regime.

The Bee had to sue The New York Times to get a correction that said the company was masquerading as a news site to peddle “far-right” disinformation.

Everything about that claim was bogus.

Dillon said, “They put this stuff out there and if they can get it to stick, then then we have no platform remaining…There’s not going to be anybody who wants to host our stuff…It’s an effort to try and cancel us.”

Since the Democrats are so laser-focused on “disinformation,” that is being used as a pretext to take out political opponents.

So a satirical post about LeBron James suddenly becomes part of a portfolio to censor The Bee or anyone else who goes against the Left.

Meanwhile, the left-wing site The Onion has carte blanche to do whatever it wants and lampoon whomever it wants.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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