Leaked audio vindicated Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito after this candid prediction

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Democrats are at war with the Supreme Court.

They seek to destroy any institution that they do not control.

And leaked audio vindicated Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito after this candid prediction.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito got targeted with another unbelievable attack

There has been a concerted effort by the Left to undermine the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

In the past, Democrats revered the high court when it was handing down rulings that codified laws they could not pass through the legislative process.

But now that the Supreme Court has a conservative tilt, it has become “problematic” and “dangerous.”

There have been countless hit pieces as well as a Showtime docu-series attacking the Court.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has gotten the brunt of the hit pieces, but now Justice Samuel Alito is being put through the wringer.

Unsurprisingly, the two most consistent constitutionalist justices are the ones under fire.

Democrats and their media allies have used contorted logic to paint Alito as an insurrectionist because his wife flew an upside-down American flag, and an Appeal to Heaven flag at their summer home in New Jersey.

Now the Democrat-controlled media are trying to whip up a controversy regarding a candid conversation recorded on tape at an event.

The Left have decried these tactics for years when independent journalist James O’Keefe employed them as he exposed government corruption.

Suddenly, they are fans of undercover journalism.

However, Alito did not offer any damning statements.

Secret recording shows Alito was right about political polarization – there is “no easy solution” 

Left-wing activist and documentary filmmaker Lauren Windsor captured audio from Alito.

The “juiciest” morsels occurred when Windsor said that arguing with the left was pointless at this juncture.

Alito responded, “I think you’re probably right: One side or the other is going to win. I mean there can be a way of working, a way of living together peacefully, right? It’s difficult because there are differences on fundamental things that can’t be compromised.”

So the big “gotcha” moment was Alito saying that one side or the other is going to win.

This is the story of every single election season.

Windsor also said that Americans needed to fight in order “to return our country to a place of godliness.”

Alito, a Catholic, answered, “I agree with you. I agree with you.”

That was it.

Windsor also recorded Alito’s wife, as well as Chief Justice John Roberts.

Alito’s wife essentially confirmed that Justice Alito was not behind her hoisting the flags that the press have run wild with.

Roberts did not give Windsor any good material at all.

James Duff, the executive director of the Supreme Court Historical Society, denounced the recordings.

Duff wrote in a statement, “We condemn the surreptitious recording of justices at the event, which is inconsistent with the entire spirit of the evening. . .Attendees are advised that discussion of current cases, cases decided by this court, or a justice’s jurisprudence is strictly prohibited and may result in forfeiture of membership in the society.”

Hellbent on subverting the Court

Democrats have been trying to get both Thomas and Alito to recuse themselves from Donald Trump’s January 6 case.

Their Hail Mary is to get Trump branded an insurrectionist.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has called for Joe Biden to pack the Supreme Court.

These media hit pieces are designed to build the momentum for such a brazen abuse of power.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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