Leaked Amazon audio exposed deranged leftist leadership planning digital book burning

The Left has become increasingly totalitarian.

It’s the only way they can implement their insane ideas.

Now, leaked Amazon audio exposed deranged leftist leadership planning digital book burning.

For the longest time, conservatives and moderate liberals shrugged off concerns about loony liberals on college campuses.

The assumption was that they would grow out of the nuttiness when they entered the workforce.

Unfortunately, that was a gross miscalculation.

Now, only have the loonies gotten even loonier on college campuses, they have slowly grown then numbers within corporate America.

And radical activists at Amazon are furious that their company sells a book that’s critical of “woke” gender ideology.

Johnny the Walrus,” written by conservative commentator Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, is a children’s book about a little boy who claims to be a walrus.

Leftists at Amazon are not only infuriated that the book is available, but also because it’s selling well in the “LGBTQ” category.

Leadership at the company openly denounced the book and said that “there are things in the space that are happening,” suggesting that there could be some algorithmic manipulation or censorship pending.

Libs of Tik Tok exposed the meeting in a Twitter thread, saying “Amazon leadership held a session for employees dealing with the “trauma” of Matt Walsh’s book becoming a best seller and dealing with his trolling. They strategize on how to demote it on their site and claim he will get people killed,” and posting the audio.

Radical gender ideology has suddenly become a third rail in American politics.

A fringe theory that nobody agreed to has been sold to the American people as a consensus when that is not the case.

Amazon refused to sell the book “When Harry Became Sally,” a scholarly look at the transgender phenomenon written by Ryan T. Anderson.

Amazon also blocked ads for the book “Irreversible Damage” by Abigail Shrier, which is also a well-researched, empathetic look at radical gender hysteria.

If leftists had their druthers, Walsh’s book would already be off the platform.

The Amazon session continued with a clip of Walsh reading from his book – which the moderator warned was “super triggering,” adding he understood if attendees “needed to leave” before playing it for “educational purposes” and another warned to “brace yourself.”

Radical leftists openly present themselves as mentally unstable people who cannot handle any ideological disagreement.

It’s as if it’s a badge of honor to leftists who couch all political conflict in apocalyptic terms, e.g. “misgendering” someone is tantamount to an act of violence.

Americans have been willing to indulge the far Left on this issue, but the radicals went too far when they began to push their ideas on young, impressionable children.

Twitter accounts like Libs of Tik Tok have been instrumental in exposing the insanity.

That’s why The Washington Post went after the account so aggressively leading to the women behind Libs of Tik Tok getting “doxxed” with her home address and personal information exposed.

Unfortunately for leftists like those at The Post, Libs of Tik Tok has nearly doubled her following after the paper’s dishonest hit piece.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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