Lauren Boebert’s latest victory has leftists so triggered they’re now attacking her for the lamest reason ever

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In her time in the People’s Chamber, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has become a solid and reliable America-First voice and friend to former President Donald Trump. 

And for her MAGA convictions, Boebert has earned the status of one of the top targets of the radical Left. 

And now Boebert’s latest victory has leftists so triggered they’re now attacking her for the lamest reason ever. 

The vultures come for Lauren Boebert 

In 2020, Lauren Boebert defeated an incumbent Republican in a Congressional primary and then won the general election to make it to the U.S. House of Representatives. 

However, Boebert barely held on to her seat in 2022 — winning only following a recount by a mere 546-votes out of 327,000 ballots cast.

With her district trending bluer – Colorado’s third Congressional district covers western Colorado, including Grand Junction, but the red area is balanced out by also covering Aspen and swinging east enough to cover Pueblo — and with big money leftist organizations targeting her, Boebert decided to run in the more conservative-friendly fourth district of the Centennial State in 2024.

Colorado’s fourth district is in the very rural eastern part of the state.

To give you an idea of how red it is, then-President Donald Trump won the district by 16-points in 2020.

Boebert beats the odds 

The seat used to be held by Republican Representative Ken Buck. 

And when Buck announced his retirement from Congress, a long list of primary hopefuls joined Boebert in lining up on the GOP side for the safe-R seat. 

And the state GOP tried everything in their power to keep Boebert from securing the nomination. 

But they failed, as earlier this week, Boebert not only won – but she ran away with the primary victory. 

Boebert took about 44% of the vote in the crowded field – while her closest competitor only tallied about 14%. 

Following her victory, Boebert’s haters wasted no time going on the attack – with an odd obsession with her footwear. 

Big Media’s Boebert foot-fetish 

The Congresswoman arrived at her victory party wearing a pair of knock-off Trump sneakers. 

Staff at the New Republic were quick to launch a petty assault on Boebert’s attire. 

“The tacky, reflective gold ‘Never Surrender’ high-tops were first launched in February as a moneymaking scheme for the embattled former President, who’s been hit with mounting legal fines in addition to his costly campaign,” wrote New Republic’s Edith Olmsted. “It appears that Boebert, who claims to be one of Trump’s favorites, couldn’t secure an actual pair of the sneakers, so she had to go with knock-offs.” 

The first question that comes to mind is – if Bobert didn’t care that she was wearing homemade Trump sneakers, then why should Olmsted or anyone else? 

“These are very China, but I’m OK with that,” Boebert said while laughing. “If I could’ve bought the OGs, I would have.”

The 45th President of the United States’ sneakers are limited edition and only available to Trump PAC donors who exceed the $2.5 million level. 

So, criticizing Boebert for her wearing fake Trumps amounts to bashing her for not being a multi-millionaire. 

But like it or not, given the safe Republican nature of her new district, The New Republic will most likely have to deal with Boebert – and her shoes – in Congress for at least a couple more years. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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