Laura Ingraham got an earful from James Comer about this massive deception

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Fox News is far from what it once was following the exit of Tucker Carlson.

Laura Ingraham may have been his closest ideological ally among the remaining hosts.

But Laura Ingraham just got an earful from James Comer about this massive deception.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer wanted to make damn sure Laura Ingraham knows what he says Merrick Garland is up to

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has bungled the investigation into Hunter Biden.

The actions of the FBI have been under intense scrutiny from House Republicans.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer isn’t falling for Merrick Garland’s latest stunt to protect the Bidens.

Comer has been hot on the trail of Biden family corruption.

Details from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” have been corroborated by Congressional witnesses.

And out of nowhere, Attorney General Merrick Garland granted special counsel status to David Weiss, the man who attempted to cut Hunter Biden a sweetheart plea deal.

Garland’s maneuver has been interpreted as a way to shield Weiss from being compelled to testify with regard to a potential cover-up based on the testimony of IRS whistleblowers who said their investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes was jammed up.

But Comer still intends to pursue the investigation into the Bidens.

Many Americans are starting to believe coverup ‘by special counsel appointment’ is a thing

Comer told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, “[T]his is another example of the Department of Justice stonewalling and obstructing our investigation. I’ve been complaining about this for months, but yet we continue to deliver evidence that shows of massive Biden wrongdoing and more evidence that shows Joe was right front and center in this from day one. What this does today, it protects David Weiss from coming in front of the committee, which is fine. This is an investigation about Joe Biden. I don’t think we need any more evidence to show that the Department of Justice is trying to obstruct our investigation. I think Merrick Garland made that argument for us today.”

Among the people who have come forward to testify is Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner and friend.

Archer confirmed that Hunter was selling access to his father, the then-Vice President of the United States.

Comer added, “We’re going to continue to follow the money, we’re going to continue to interview witnesses that we know have firsthand knowledge of what exactly the Bidens were doing to receive the millions and millions of dollars from bad actors in bad countries around the world and what role Joe played in this scheme.”

Ingraham asked Comer if he would call Weiss to testify before the Oversight Committee and he responded, “Absolutely. Of course we will. We’re not going to stop. This is just another day in the office for us. Leading this investigation of Biden corruption. They have obstructed every step of the way. They’ve intimidated our witnesses. Look, when Devon Archer was set to come in on Monday morning, the DOJ sent him a letter Saturday and a letter again Sunday. That’s never happened before. Never has. The Department of justice sent a letter on a weekend, and they send two on two separate days for the sole purpose of intimidating him. They have intimidated every one of our witnesses.”

House Republicans are building a case against the Bidens, and no machinations from the DOJ is going to stop that.

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